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I have always hated my body, I lost a heck of...

I have always hated my body, I lost a heck of weight when I was 14 and since have wanted a normal young mans body that didn't include saggy breasts and a 4 inch mass of grab-able loose belly. I had a mini abdominal, lipo to flanks and belly and a gyno with Dr. persson's at highgate through harley medical group. After my surgery I was really swollen and really low. I felt fatter than before and I went up from 13 and a half stone to 15 stone!!

2 and a bit months after I am at about 14 stone, i still have grab-able breasts, flanks and my tummy is a little flatter, not so grab-able at least. I now have one big scare however that isn't possible to hid with underwear. One half of me feels like I flushed 11K pounds up the wall. The other half of me thinks that once i get to 6 months i'll have the result I want. I know I'll never look like zac efron, but I just hoped after all that money i'd at least not have to body of a 40 year old, with any tone and sags in the wrong places. Will it really get that much better or is this it? I'm going to try and get before photos.
Congratulations, and thank you for sharing!!!  Are you wearing post-op garments at all?  After my mommy makeover, I found a low-sodium (no salt, only naturally occurring,), low starch diet very helpful for flushing the system.  Lots of water and natural foods.  And also, I don't know how long you have to wait before working out (I had to wait 3 months with a full TT) but if you're working out, you might want to try working out in a compression garment to keep the swelling at bay (and keep the garment on most of the time).  When I didn't wear my garment, it took about 3 days to get rid of all the swelling after a workout, and that was post-3-months!

Also, whenever I gain weight, I get that same little shelf above my incision that you have.  It may just be because you're forced to not exercise during early recovery.  I'm guessing you used both exercise and diet to lose weight, so with a big shock to the body and not working out, it may take a while for you to see the results you expect.

Don't lose hope!!!
I think you look great for only 2 months out. Your body is supposed to go through a swelling phase for about 6 months. Have you had any lymphatic massages? That might help. Personally I think you look great! Give your body enough time to heal
Thank you so much for sharing! Did you take these photos in the evening? I've heard the swelling can be way worse at the end of the day. What does your surgeon say about the swelling?

Would love to see your "befores"! I think you look really good. I do have to step in and say that 40-year-old bodies can be pretty awesome, too. ;)
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my dr. seemed very professional. I'm not at my final result so I'm not sure yet how I feel. If my body improves greatly, then i'll be thrilled. If not then i'm very unhappy. Not best pleased with harley medical group, I feel the company is too big and is disjointed. I used to ring up the only number I could find online, which was the main help desk, and they were quite rude and made you go through everything every time you rang up, which isn't what you want when it's quite a delicate subject that you feel self conscience about. The nurses were really nice at both harley and highgate- maybe a bit patronising. I wish i had gone straight to highgate without going through harley.

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