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Hi guys, just wanted to share my microdermabrasion...

Hi guys, just wanted to share my microdermabrasion story! I had 4 treatments a few months ago and thought I could share my experience with you. Firstly let me say results vary from person to person, and i've heard some people yield fantastic results from them. As for me...well i thought the whole thing was a waste of money!

So I'm 18 years old, and suffer from really bad acne and blemishes on my skin and a beauty therapist suggested I undergo a few sessions of microdermabrasion treatments.

The procedure in itself wasn't painful, and after my first treamtent it certainly looked as if my skin was a lot fresher and healthier looking. Scar looked faded, and my hyperpigmentation looked lighter too! I saw very small improvements over the course of four treatments and was pleased. I got them done every two weeks. After my fourth treatment, I got quite busy and for a month I didn't have a follow up treatment and to my dissappointment, a lot of my hyperpigmentation started to reappear and my skin began to look dull and lifeless again.

I went to a dermatologist who told me that microdermabrasion results aren't permanent as they only tackle the eperdimis (top layer) of your skin and most scars are a lot deeper. Also i don't think microdermabrasion stimulate collagen or anything. After two months or so my skin looked as bad as it did before (with the exception of a few acne scars looking substantially lighter). I was so disappointed about the hyperpigmentation reappearing too! I don't think i'd ever recommend this to anyone, i was just really unhappy overall.

I went for a chemical peel afterwards and a month later I'm still overjoyed with the results. If you have really bad problem skin like mine don't go for a microdermabrasion stick to dermaroller/laser/chemical peels as it'll have a much better effect. For a more drastic change i'd really recommend a chemical peel (my own experience with them has been fab). Everyone's skin is different, people might have more luck with microderambrasion than me and there are benefits to the procedure- painless and the fact that there is v.little down time. However, my own experience wasn't that great :( !
dont worry if u hav deep scars or bad acne it can be taken care at home ....... - first drink lots of water to keep ur self hydrate ,try to eat fruits avoid fried ,sugary ,preservative food and apply this home ready u will be proud of ur skin..... - take two spoon (regular spoon which we use to eat food at home) of fenugreek powder (fenugreek powder is called methi dana powder easily available at any or indian grocery store just for 2$) soak it in cucumber juice (grade cucumber n squeeze out its juice with hand ,thin fabric or pressing it in seeve whatever way u feel easy) and leave this mixture in refrigerator for a night and soak it in like a cup full of juice as it will be thick after getting soaked use plastic ,glass or ceramic bowl to soak fenugreek ..then next morning take one avacado pulp fresh basil leaves handfull (fresh green basil leaves are available at any vegetable store even at walmart vegetable section) and if possible order this online neem leaves powder it will cost u just 5 or 10$ but is really very effective add two tea spoon full of neem powder ,fresh green mint leaves which is also available at any store .,now blend everything in blender including fenugreek powder which u soaked last night in cucumber juice blend everything well until it turns into batter and keep adding more cucumber juice to it if it gets thick so that at last u end with fine consistency of mask which can be easily spreadable on face .....now pour this mixutre in ice cube tray same way u pour water to make ice cubes ...u have to make cubes out of whole batter keep making cubes and collecting it to freeze them in freezer in a container or any box with lid so that u can use it every night before u go to bed...thaw one or two cubes as required on ur face every morning or evening in refigerator before going to work or whtever way u get time but u hav to use this every single night before going to bed keep it for minimum one hour n let it dry naturally ...best if u can sleep wit this pack on if ur comfertable ...while washing it off keep splashing ur face with cold or warm water when it gets soft or soaked rub ur face very gently as u scrub in circular motion to take it off wash it off wit cold water and apply organic coconut oil mixed wit few drops of lemon juice (use fresh lemon) on face ..or only fresh pulp of aloevera mixed with few drops of lemon juice (take out fresh aloevera pulp n store it in refrigerator)..u will have best skin without any cosmetics n chemicals ...good luck ....and most important use everything organic and fresh ........
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What does a chemical peel generally cost? Is the treatment painful and does your skin take a while to heal?
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