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Love my Plumped Lips with Juvederm!-London

I had previously had restylane and liked it, but...

I had previously had restylane and liked it, but felt that it was lumpy. My lips look GREAT with juvederm (which may also be down to the provider). The swelling went down quickly and there was almost no bruising (which is very unusual for me)! It has taken me a long time to find the right doctor, but it was well worth it. I've hated my thin lips for so long. It's great to finally wear lipstick!!

Dr Mullin, Medicetics

He has a very studied approach. For example, his injections hurt far less and the injects at the sides rather than the middle for a more natural effect.

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Hello, can you please tell me how long the juverderm lasted on your lips??
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I last had it done in October and they're still as plumped as ever! I know some people say it hasn't lasted long on them - perhaps I am just lucky :)
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Hello Lisa,

Sounds like you had a great experience. Are you going to keep it up? Thanks for joining the community, please keep me updated. Do you have pictures?



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