Laser hair removal burn! - London, GB

I am based in London, UK. I had laser hair removal...

I am based in London, UK. I had laser hair removal today on my 8th and final treatment. however i clearly stated to the woman where i usually have it done however she went above the guidelined area and i got 2 circular burn marks which ive kept moist using CU3 cream and aloe vera gel however it is peeling a little. My main concern is weeping scarring infection and blistering. I have attached a photo. im panicking i have a review with them tomorrow afternoon and do not want this to scar. Could someone please tell me if this will scar or not?
please use kelocote which you can order on line its amazing Beautymed Ltd Birmingham
Try 100% lavender oil and 100% aloe vera
Hello mpat The most important thing is to keep that burn from getting infected. This is where an oral antibiotic might help. Next you need to keep it well moisturized and don't pick at any scabs. Your doctor should be able to tell you if you need a steroid based cream to prevent scarring depending on how it's healing. By JP Souaid, MD from NeoDerma Clinic
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