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4 Months In, Experiencing Problems - London, GB

I have a 6 month treatment and im on month 4. Ive...

I have a 6 month treatment and im on month 4. Ive had no problems until looking back about 8 weeks. I have developed SEVERE sinusitus symptoms, jaw, ear, head and sinus pain, with nausea. Its been on off for 8 weeks. I saw provider yesterday who said invisalign would not cause this, but im convinced it is. I dont have an infection & Antibiotics from Doctor made no difference. Ive never had these symptoms before, has anyone else found invisalign caused similar? I want to finish with only 8 weeks left, but im popping painkillers constantly and had loads of time off work!
I'm sorry, I've no experience with this.  I got migraines and jaw pain, but never all of that at once.  I have seen one person here on RealSelf ask about those symptoms in relation to Invisalign, but they got no answers from the doctors.  

You may wish to rule out something potentially serious by going to an ENT specialist.  It is possible that the timing is just confounding the issue, and that the Invisalign and the other problem aren't related.  It's also possible that the Invisalign is exacerbating an unrelated problem.  If it's viral, antibiotics will not help either.  Still eight weeks is a long time for a virus, so I think you should see a specialist.  The odds that something serious is happening from your invisalign is much lower than that it's serious from something else.  I don't know if I said that well.  What I mean is, if your Invisalign is causing this pain, it's not that likely it's very serious (possible, but not likely.)  But if something else is causing the pain, it very well could be very very serious.  So please make sure it's not very very serious.

If it's nothing else, and you're convinced it's the Invisalign, you can always work with your doctor to not progress further in treatment--just stay in the current set of aligners, or even go back to the last set that didn't hurt.  After some time settling in the aligners, the pain may resolve itself, and you might decide to move forward.  Things like this can be worked out with your doctor.  Just be a strong advocate for yourself.  AFTER you make sure you're not in danger from something else.

Best of luck to you.  I hope you'll give us updates on how it goes.  Obviously you're not the only one, so concrete info on how you get through this will help others in the future :).
Thanks for reply. Of course I'll keep updating, I really hope it might help others. Im 7 days now into this set and for the last 2 days ive not had to take painkillers as pain wasnt too bad, headaches less severe. All ive done differently is two nights ago i took aligners out and started doing some mouth exercises and stretches. I couldnt believe how uncomfortable it was, 4 months of aligners seem to have really stiffened my jaws ligaments or muscles due to lack of normal movement. Ive been massaging the jaw muscles which is uncomfortable too, but I feel I really need it. Before my Doctor prescribed antibiotics incase I had a sinus infection, she did ask if i was clenching or grinding, which I am since wearing these, its involuntary and i cant help it! Apparently there is a condition, I think it was Braxtons?! Which causes similar pain symptoms from clenching or grinding. It could also be this. But you are right, regardless I will go back as the Doctor did ask me too if there was no improvement. Many thanks for your help.
If it's from clenching, then I totally understand.  I got the migraines and jaw pain and such from clenching--like you, it's totally involuntary and it only happens when I wear aligners/retainers.  It's such a bother, and I ended up with an open bite.  But it resolved itself with some care after I was no longer in full-time wear.  So hopefully the exercises and the like will continue to improve your symptoms.  

So glad to hear that!
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