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I suffered from acne which is now gone but has...

I suffered from acne which is now gone but has left the typical red marks and some shallow pits. I know a peel will not remove the pitting but since I have a big night out planned in a week I wanted to do this peel to just refreshen and give an overall improvement in the red marks.

So today I went to get the Green peel. I was apsoltely dreading it since I read someone said the solution being rubbed in to your face feels like shards of glass!!
But for me I must say it was NOT at all like that, it just felt like a rough exfoliator, but I didn't feel any pain. It was quite a nice sensation actually...

My consultant rubbed in the mixture for about 6-7 minutes because my face was apparently getting very red and she did not want to make it irritated. After, she applied an after care cream mixed with a tinted cream provided which covered up the redness to a decent amount.

My face straight after felt alittle hot and prickly, right now about 6 hours later it feels fine and the redness is hardly visible.

So far its been a good experience I will update everyday until the 5th day when I am due back...

Hi London,

Thanks for the review. This is a great review thus far into your experience. It sounds like you had a very attentive doctor who was definitely paying attention, which according to the community is super important. Yes, please do keep us updated how it turns out and if you are comfortable we would love to see pictures.




DAY "3" So I got the peel on friday...

DAY "3"

So I got the peel on friday at 4.30pm and now its sunday 9.30pm. I still dont have any peeling! My face is pretty normal very slight itching and no redness. Im getting worried it won't peel at all!

Can anyone comment on this?

Hi london,

Where did you have the green peel done? and how is your skin at the moment?

Im apologise for such a late reply!

I had the peel done at a place in London called timeless skin care. Unfortunately the peel was terrible, in the sense that there was NO peeling. there only mild flaking like you get if you have dry skin, it was such a waste of £250. Hope this helps
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Good service

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