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I had lower eyelid surgery a on the 9th may 2012...

i had lower eyelid surgery a on the 9th may 2012.during the surgery, i had fat repositioned to tear troughs also malar bags removed. the incision is right under my eyelash towards end of the eye which is healing well so far. day after surgery my left eye was more bruised and swollen. but right eye looked just swollen no bruised. on the 5th day stiches removed and dr, put plaster only and asked me to remove then after 3-4 days. 2 weeks after surgery under my right eye started swelling. i took pictures and mail them to my doctor, he said it is normal. tomorrow will be a month since my surgery and under my right eye is stll looks bumpy also there is small dents. is that still normal after 4 weeks of surgery. i'm very deppressed. thanks for any comment.


All the reviews I have read people go thru a "freak out stage" I really your bumps and bruises will pass, I think it looks great!!! Any before pics? Please keep us updates, Im getting the same exact thing done on the 18th.
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Almost 6 weeks since i had the surgery. as the...

almost 6 weeks since i had the surgery. as the swelling going down under eye hallows comes back. i had fat reposition is this normal? i look ugly so far. and very unhappy. please help. thanks for any comment..

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As you can see in the photo i can't even smile...

as you can see in the photo i can't even smile properly this is because of bullhorn liplift. i had internal lip lift same time aswell. but no success.


How are things going for you now? I had fat repositioning 5 weeks ago, and I am freaking out!
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Hi, I hope you will be happy with your surgery. To be honest, it didn't work for me.:-( I still have hollows, still have malar bags, so it was just waste of money and time. Maybe I was just unlucky. I really hope that you will be happy. Keep informing us pls. Best of luck.:-)
Where are your pics? May I see them.
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