Cellulaze So Far No Result- London, England

I just had smartlipo and cellulaze done in one go...

I just had smartlipo and cellulaze done in one go and so far I havent seen any results.
im 4 days post op and so far i have had no brusing and not really any swelling.... and not really any results. I may be waaay early on passing my judgements.. but I feel the doctor was abit sloppy. I dident get any support garment when I left, it wasent untill the day after when I insisted on one that he gave me one... and I was not given any time for how long I should use it.. I feel really discuraged, because I feel like the cellulite lookes worse then better... What should I do, and what can I expect??

The lack of of follow-up that you received seems very unusual from what I read about the procedure. Did you go to a Cellulaze certified doctor? If you don't know, go to cellulaze.com and enter the doctors location to see if he has been certified. Also, please share with us the name of your doctor so that those considering the procedure may benefit from this information.
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