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I will be having a breast lift next month after...

I will be having a breast lift next month after ongoing years of insecurities and upset over my breasts! When I hit puberty my breasts grew overnight to a large f cup! My weight has gone up and down over the years but my breasts are now deflated and rather than a 22 year old body i feel like i have the breasts of an old lady, they have a lot of excess skin and I have constant scratches on them where I am always pulling them around to "try" to fit them into my bra. I am extremely excited to finally have "perky" breasts and for them to be where they should be! I am also extremely nervous to undergo the procedure but I have trust in my surgeon and all the pain will be worth it in the end! I have been told to take 2 and a half weeks off work I am an au pair and look after 3 young children, this doesn't seem long enough to me after reading other people's experiences and was wondering if anyone has any advice?
My ps was very specific about no lifting for at least 4 weeks, no submerging in water no more that 5 lbs per arm etc. I'm 2 weeks away from surgery. I took 10 days off and I hope I can modify my work a couple weeks. They said you can move implant out of place :(. Such a big investment. Keep us posted and good luck!
Yeah hopefully your work will be supportive as 10 days doesn't seem long at all.. I'm not having implants just a lift.. so nervous and hoping I won't have to have drains in for too long as I'm terrified of blood!! Good luck with your surgery I hope it goes well
Are you sure you need drains? My ps said probably not. I am a therapist so I can somewhat adjust my therapy plan of care. Stay in touch it's good to talk to someone . It seems you read so many outcomes and so many dr stories but at some point you have to trust all will go well and hope for the best :)
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