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I had silicone implants for about 8 yrs was never...

I had silicone implants for about 8 yrs was never really happy with them. They were too big for my frame and always got unwanted attention. To the point I started covering up because I felt so unconfortable. Found out the implants I had in were the PIP implants so was quite upset about that. So they came out. Really happy to be free of them and feel like me again.
CongratulationsY36!!! You look great! And for day! Awesome results!

I'm glad you're enjoying being natural! What has recovery been like for you?

Recovery so far has been better than I imagined. It's my 5th day and feel pretty good. I hope if things change, they get better. My scar just itches a bit and only sore to touch. So far my boobies look good(better in bra but good) :) I had some sort of sticky tape thing to cover incisition, so still able to shower. So far I am very pleased with the outcome, def the best desition I made. Will have follow up appointment on Thursday. Will keep u posted

3 weeks after implants removal

4 weeks after implants removal

3 weeks after

3 weeks after removal

Two months on

My breast two and a half months after explant.
Hey, u look great. Were your implants below or over the muscle?
Congratulations you look amazing!! can I ask what size you breasts were before your implants? I have my explant surgery booked for 19th Dec and I cannot wait :)
Hi Sarah308 my size b4 implants was a 34A but was 34B b4 I had my child. With implants I was 34D. I am now actually 34B so really happy. They are obviously not perky but with a nice padded bra they look pretty good. The best desition I made was getting them removed. Good luck and make sure u follow your surgeons advice. :)

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