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I had silicone implants for about 8 yrs was never...

I had silicone implants for about 8 yrs was never really happy with them. They were too big for my frame and always got unwanted attention. To the point I started covering up because I felt so unconfortable. Found out the implants I had in were the PIP implants so was quite upset about that. So they came out. Really happy to be free of them and feel like me again.

3 weeks after implants removal

4 weeks after implants removal

3 weeks after

3 weeks after removal

Two months on

My breast two and a half months after explant.

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Hey, u look great. Were your implants below or over the muscle?
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Congratulations you look amazing!! can I ask what size you breasts were before your implants? I have my explant surgery booked for 19th Dec and I cannot wait :)
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Hi Sarah308 my size b4 implants was a 34A but was 34B b4 I had my child. With implants I was 34D. I am now actually 34B so really happy. They are obviously not perky but with a nice padded bra they look pretty good. The best desition I made was getting them removed. Good luck and make sure u follow your surgeons advice. :)
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I was a 36B before and with implants I'm a 38D (I have put on a few lbs in the 8 years since my operation). Your results are amazing you must be so happy, I'm just concerned about what my results will be, although finding this site has really helped me, I haven't seen anyone who regrets getting implants removed so that's a good sign.
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I found this site really helpful. I have no regrets and I was also prepared for the worst case scenario. We are all different and our bodies will respond differently after. Just keep in mind that u will not have to worry about the implants in your body again. If you have read some of my posts u will see that I had some issues and worries with them in. Am sure u will feel much happier after. Will be thinking of you
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CongratulationsY36!!! You look great! And for day! Awesome results!
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I'm glad you're enjoying being natural! What has recovery been like for you?

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Recovery so far has been better than I imagined. It's my 5th day and feel pretty good. I hope if things change, they get better. My scar just itches a bit and only sore to touch. So far my boobies look good(better in bra but good) :) I had some sort of sticky tape thing to cover incisition, so still able to shower. So far I am very pleased with the outcome, def the best desition I made. Will have follow up appointment on Thursday. Will keep u posted
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