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I have had acne since I was 10 years old. I am now...

I have had acne since I was 10 years old. I am now 20 so its been a decade long battle! My acne was your typical teenage acne that got better and worse at different times so it really was a roller coaster.

I decided to go to a dermatologist because I realised I was getting older and it wasn't getting any better. Although I did have acne, it was the hyperpigmentation it left that really bothered me. I spend an hour or so every morning putting make up on and conceal everything.

I was first advised to tackle my active acne before pursuing any treatment so I was put on antibiotics and the Jan Marini Skin Managment range. This worked a treat! Most, if not all of my active acne went in a couple or months or so. BUT I was still left with the hideous hyperpigmentation marks on my face.

The dermatologist then allowed me to go on and pursue a 30% salycilic acid peel. It has now been a week since I got it done and I could already see a difference. I do not have a single spot on my face and the hyperpigmentation marks have relatively lightened. My skin also feels smoother and pores have reduced in size.

I still have to pursue 3 or more peels before I can see a major difference. My target is to have good enough skin for the summer so I dont have to wear very heavy coverage foundation that I currently wear now.

To anyone considering a chemical peel, I strongly suggest it. However, pleaseeeeee see a professional and never try it at home as things can go horribly wrong. Also bear in mind that results will not happen overnight.
Good luck! Hope all goes well!

I'm so glad to hear that the new skin care routine you are doing is working so well for you! Acne is the worst!! I definitely hear you about what a bummer it is to dedicate so much time each morning to just making your skin look "normal". :-/ I really hope your skin looks great for summer, and that all you will need is some sunscreen! Please keep us posted on how things continue to go, and how your skin is reacting.

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