Butt Implants - London, GB

Hello everyone, My first time here. I have had...

Hello everyone,
My first time here.

I have had Spinal Scoliosis from childhood which was left untreated and as a result today one side of my butt is noticeably bigger than than the other from years of walking around with a bent spine which makes me extremely self conscious. I would like to correct this Poor Symmetry.

My preferences for Surgery location would be Europe, South America, any part of Asia and even Australia.

I appreciate all advice and recommendations.

Thank you for reading.


Yanhee Hospital in Bangkok did my surgery. I didn't have good results with my rhinoplasty there, but I did get great results on my otoplasty and breast augmentation! I recommend them for body work. As far as nose jobs go, Asian noses that need implants only!! No Western nose jobs for those guys. I have my second revision scheduled for July.
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Do you have pictures so I have an idea of Aesthetics pls ?
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