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Being a rather small 32A bra size, having years of...

being a rather small 32A bra size, having years of being teased at school, having a boyfriend who made me feel inadequate and then finally experiencing having breasts when I was breast feeding my daughter - only to loose them again once I had finished, it was an easy decision for me to have breast implants put in. I never wanted to be huge, just to be normal, I just wanted to have something to put into a bikini. But really when I think back about it I probably just needed a good councellor to help me deal with my young insecurities, rather than two silicone sacks inserted into my body. I was only 24! After the op I was quite surprised that I didnt feel that much better about myself anyway. After 8 years of feeling very unnatural I decided to have my implants taken out. Unfortunatelly I went to see 2 plastic surgeons who said how terrible I would look after they were removed. And so I made the decision to have my implants replaced with smaller implants. Surprise surprise I still felt like alien with two (slightly smaller) hard, unnatural breasts sitting on my chest. I made the decision last year to have them taken out permanently and have been saving ever since. I have now discovered that I have PIP implants, and so although this now means that I do not have to pay for my op, I now (like many other women) have the worry that PIPs are really damaging my body. but, im going to keep telling myself how much better it will feel when...... I can really hug people i love I can lay on my belly again I can sunbathe with pride I can not worry about my torpedo nipples when Im cold I can feel totally me again I can be proud of me!

Well Ive done it! and am now in bed recovering...

Well Ive done it! and am now in bed recovering.

Went to the St John and St Elizabeth hospital and all the staff were amazing. The op was very short and was able to come home the same day (yesterday) I really dont have much pain at all - (especially when I remember the enormous amount of pain I was in when I had them put in under the muscle! could hardly breath for a week! ) I have been given painkillers but dont think I will need them. Bit of pain where the stitches are and a bit sore inside but thats it.

I am petite me again and I am already 100% certain that I have made the right decision. They are a little droopy at the moment and rather empty but I am hopeful that this will improve a lot. Especially after looking at other reviews & photographs - this website has been such a help. Does anyone have any advice on how long to wear bra, massage techniques, any creams etc to help?

The support bra that I bought was a bit too big so I am in a sweaty betty sports bra and its really comfortable. I cant believe how much slimmer I look without those horrible fake lumps on my chest. I can see now that I have been holding my shoulders forwards (probably to hid my lumps) so will look forward to doing some gentle yoga and pilates to improve my posture again.

Looking forward to stand tall again - all me - amazing!

Been three weeks now and I am still over the moon...

been three weeks now and I am still over the moon with my new breasts. In fact I have just been looking at my photos on my profile and I cant believe how unnatural my implants made me look. It was quite a thing to realise last week that for the first time in my life I love my boobs!!! I didnt like them before my BA, and I hated them with the implants inside, but now I am actually loving them - thats quite something!
so although I could find myself wishing that I had never put the implants in in the first place I think that instead I can realise it was just part of the journey - and now I have just two little scars under my boobs to remind me how much we can put ourselves through to feel normal or attractive but really how beautiful we all are already.

I have an appointment with my surgeon in a couple of weeks just to sign me off I suppose - he did say to me last time I saw him just after my explant that if I wasnt happy with the results we could talk about putting them back in!!! I cant wait to tell him how happy I am now, I cant wait to tell him that he needs to stop telling girls how unhappy they will be without their implants, I cant wait to tell him that I love to feel my breast jiggle when I run down the stairs now, I cant wait to tell him that actually it is more empowering for a woman to be soft, wonderful and natural instead of trying to be something different than they are.

Of course this is just my opinion (and a few other girls will agree), but if you are looking at this website and are thinking that you might just be ok without your implants then I would definately say go for it.
Soft breasts rock! (or jiggle) :-) I couldnt be any happier with mine :-)

Well its been over 3 months now since the removal...

well its been over 3 months now since the removal of my implants - and I am still so happy to be free of them. I love the way they look, feel and move. in fact my only regret is that I didnt remove them years ago.

I went to Barcelona to visit a friend a couple of weeks ago and it was such a pleasure to lay on the beach without feeling like I had to sit up all the time for fear of my implants sticking up on the top of my chest if I layed flat. Looking around I could spot instantly the boob jobs from the naturals and Im so happy to be in team natural once again. I am absolutely not saying that boob jobs look terrible just that I no longer felt happy with them myself.

I hope that the 'breast implant removal' profiles on this site can help to give women the courage to remove if they are thinking about it. From my experience the plastic surgeons will not help at all and can in fact sway you towards replacing. If you are worried about the health implications, the future implants that may go wrong, the ruptures, the scar capsules, the implants moving, the breasts hardening, or just simply tired of looking and feeling unnatural - then go for it, I cant begin to explain the huge sense of relief that I have now - feels that a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders (and my chest)

lots of love (especially to my fellow expanters) xxx

That was supposed to say explanters :-D

that was supposed to say explanters :-D

Its been over 6 months now - not much to say that...

its been over 6 months now - not much to say that I havent already, still over the moon, still so glad that I removed them, still loving the relief of no longer worrying about the health implications of having implants.
was such a joy to be on holiday this year, topless without feeling self concious about my fake boobs. scars are still fading well.

Ladies I couldnt be happer :-) xxx
London Plastic Surgeon

am very happy with my care. having PIP implants I wanted them out ASAP and my surgeon (Mr Karidis) was happy to help - was not charged a penny, he covered hospital, anethetist, and all other costs. shame he suggested that if I want them put back in at a later date then he would be happy to do this but heyho, its his job. all in all I am very impressed and very happy with my treatment

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
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hello, your boobs looked so much better after! how are they now please, and how did your scars heal in the end. Thank you xx
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hi, thanks for your comment they are still amazing, scars are almost invisible now - I'm still 100% sure Ive made the right decision. :-)
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Wow your looking really good. You must have great breast tissue. I'm hoping for this kind of result after 8 years but I don't want to make myself disappointed
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:-) thank you love, Im still super happy with the result my only regret is that I didn't do it sooner! I had my implants for a lot longer that 8 years so yours should be fine. But do give them time, as you can see from my photos they looked very sad just after the op, but every day they looked better. And they just feel so wonderful and natural - can't beat that feeling xx
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I have never heard of that term, PIP. please tell me what that means.. thank you
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Hi thank you for posting your pictures.. ive never don this before go on a websit.. i have the PIP implants and am having them removed.. I have my app to see my surgeon on the 8th Nov. i am so nervous and undecided, before i had my implants (245cc) my boob size was 34c, they stayed that size just a full up shape. now they are 34f due to weight gain and age. do you think they will be hideous, im so scared. my husband wants me to have them replaced im so not sure. sorry ..... just need a girl opinion.
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oh my, Ive just seen this comment, Im so sorry that I didn't reply when you needed it. I hope that everything went well, what ever your decision was x
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Hi How funny.. that's a busy lady for you... its fine.. thanks for your reply... as yet ive not heard back from st Thomas yet. I did have the pips replaced but the right one is really folded and worries me. you cant see it but if feels awful.. I swing from wanting them put and the worry of them being there gone... Im 52 and worry about cancer and not being to detect it in my lumpy boob.. I have gained a lot of weight since having them done.. going from a 34c to 34f+.. so hopefully wont be to tiny when they come out.. Im still so confused... id love to see pictures of before and after... does make me wonder why I bothered in the first place. Take care thanks for listening to me groan on. x
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no problem at all. its such a hard decision. I was also wanting them out but scared of what they would look like, the surgeon didn't help either, he said that they would be awful. but I made my mind up to have them out and told myself that if they really did look dreadful and I couldn't bare them then I could just have them put in again. I agree, its such a shame that we all felt so inadequate that we had them put in in the first place. but to be honest I think that it took this whole process to finally see me happy with my breasts. good luck with what ever you decide, but don't forget, its your body, go with what YOU really want x
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Great post - thanks for updating your picture. It really matters to us pre and post op explanters. I got mine out 16 days ago and feel pretty much the same as you. I wish there were more places in the states to go topless on the beach! BTW, your boobs really look good!
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Sweetheart your natural boobies are just perfect. Really they are quite lovely. You certainly dodged a bulletin. You should be the poster girl for thos e not quite matured women who want fake boobs. Give them a peek at the real thing and save some loves'. Maybe we could come I up with a costume w y,Lu can wear that screams I am an authority figure /teacher you must follow me. I'm telling you you got thr goods. Just a thought. -- no ressure
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Great post! i went to a plastic surgeon today and he scared me so bad! telling me how i would be deformed and need to just go smaller! but I WANT THEM OUT!. Mine are above the muscle... were yours?? he mentioned how under the muscle wouldve been better for explant. Thanks!
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Hey Kristen, I think pretty much all of our doctors said we "wouldn't like the look". It is hard to get past, but do it because you will hate the smaller implants just as much. The word deformed is such a BS thing to say. I wonder if he says that his mastectomy patients are 'deformed'. Very unkind indeed.
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Hi Felicitygal, Mine are out: 8 weeks today! JUST GO AND GET THEM OUT!! I had mines in for 10 years, and I can honestly say I'm so very happy! I'm not flat: probably a C cup now (used to be a A/B pre-surgery). They get much better as the weeks go on too... :) If ANYONE'S reading this, and contemplating whether or not to get the PIPS out, don't give it a second thought! Get those toxic shit bags out of your body, buy a fantastic boosting bra and some chicken fillets, and you're good-to-go! Don't worry about saggy skin, stretch marks, etc etc. Your body is miraculous and fixes itself over time...plenty massage with bio oil and some exercise, plus a fabulous bra, and you're laughing... JUST DO IT! XXX
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Thanks Darlzaunaturale! Having consultation tomorrow and had few last min doubts, but your encouragement has helped put me back on track to HAVE THEM OUT. I was a 36a 9 years ago and if that's what I go back to then so be it. No more pain and worry. Whey-hey! So glad your op went ok and you have grat results and are happy! XXX
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Yes, they definitely will improve Felicitygal. Mine were quite numb with the implants; now the sensation's coming back, slowly but surely. I massage them twice daily with Bio Oil and I can see the benefits now, two months on. Just get through the first two weeks post-op. I bought two Belvia bras from Asda: one small and one medium. Wore the small for the first two weeks, then the medium. I'm actually still wearing the medium, but put a padded bra on top! Honestly, you cannot tell the difference, and nobody's commented! My clothes still fit, and surprisingly, so do my old bras (plus the extra padding). Please don't stress about this. I put myself through so much anxiety, and it was all for nothing! Every woman on here who's had them out is so very pleased. Nobody regrets having them out....! I promise you, you WON'T be sorry.....(and that goes for any other woman reading this). Darlzaunaturale xxx :)
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By the way, how did the consultation go? Nice office he has there now, eh? Did he tell you you'd end up with - and I quote - "Dog ears"? What a load of crap! I've never been so happy with my lovely soft and squishy boobies! They hang in that lovely tear-drop shape. No dog ears whatsoever!! xx
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That is so encouraging to know, Darlzaunaturale, as getting some noraml sensation back will be marvellous! Had my very stress-free consultation yesterday with Karidis and cannot believe I'm now booked in to have them out in 10 days time!!!! So excited I bought a couple of sports bras in Tescos but will check out the Belvia ones you've suggested too. Keeping as calm - and dare I say I'm excited, with hope to be feeling much better about myself - and before Christmas! So glad to part of this amazing community too! XXX :)
  • Reply be part of this amazing community. xx
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:-)))) x
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Also was wondering Darlzaunaturale , if you've had any change or improvement in sensation? Mine are painful to the touch yet mainly numb and nipples are very painful so I'm hoping this improves once I have the shit bags out. XXX
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Hi, I was augmented by Alex Karidis 9 years ago and have been thinking (lots) about getting mine removed. Had yours ruptured? I know he's offering to remove and replace the PIPs if that's the case - for free. Like yourself, I just want mine out and would rather go back to the same hospital/surgeon. Look like he's done fab job of your explant! Well done! xx
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thank you Felicitygal, thankfully mine had not ruptured but I didnt want to wait around until they did! - go for it sweetness, you will be amazed at how wonderful you feel afterwards! You may have to be strong with Mr Karidis though, he's a bit anti removing them and seems to like using scare tactics to sway your decision. He told me that I would look awful after removal, and would be back to have implants put in again. But as you can see, I look absolutely fine and Im over the moon with the results. Good luck and keep us posted. :-) xx
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Hi darling - it's me again! Well, I'm seeing Karidis this Friday...eeeek! The old worries are creeping back now...

I've noticed a lot of ladies on here had their implants implanted under the muscle. However, I didn't. He said he didn't need to cut my you think it would make a difference to the outcome when they're explanted? If anyone has experience of this, please do share :)

God bless ladies and keep strong xxx
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Hey darlz
how did it go with Mr Karidis, is he still doing his usual and making you feel uncomfortable talking about explanting? Have you made your mind up yet what to do?
Of course it is completely up to you and what ever decision you make will be the right one - but just a little reminder if I had listened to Mr (idontreallycareaboutyou) Karidis, I would not have explanted and would not now be as happy as I am now. Soft, natural, worry free. You do what you feel is right huney!
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