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I had four CCs of Aquamid over a four year period...

I had four CCs of Aquamid over a four year period to progresively support the correction of severe cystic acne scarring.

My most dated injection was in 2004. To date I have not had any severe reactions. I also have not had any loss of volume in the areas which were treated. Shorter term fillers did not work for me because by the time the bruising at the injection spot healed, the effect would be gone.

I have had 2 CO2 lasers, IPL, micro dermabrasion, chemical peels, collagen, subcision, punch grafts, and by far the thing that helped the most by far was aquamid.


Hello, I was curious as to what clinic you went to? I'm looking to find some one qualified at injected aquamid as I have read many bad reviews... Thanks!
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Hi Acnescar,

Thank you for joining the community and welcome. Also thank you for making your comment into a review this is great. I'm glad you had such a good experience, do you have pictures?



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