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It has taken 5-10 years off my sagging face. I had...

It has taken 5-10 years off my sagging face. I had it done 4 days ago with one tiny bruise. It's almost gone and the results were instant. I am very happy and recommend it to everyone. I am 45 and have been very unhappy with the saggy looking smile. I feel so much better and have been holding my head up high. Go for it!

Hi Los Angeles, 

Thanks so much for the review. I'm glad everything went so well. Things that help your self esteem are always great, I'm glad you feel better about how you look.  Was it painful at all? How long had you been thinking about getting the procedure? Please keep us updated and if you have pictures you wouldn't mind sharing we'd love to see them. 



would you tell us where in Lomita? did you go? Im interested in having this procedure done, I live in Lomita too.I would appreciate your response thank you!

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