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Under Eye Tear Troughs. Love the Results! - Loma Linda, CA

I am 35 and have always had hollow eyes. The rest...

I am 35 and have always had hollow eyes. The rest of my face looked pretty decent, however my eyes were looking so tired and made me look old. I went to my trusted dermatologist for this procedure and I am so glad I did. I am a person that is very nervous and was so afraid to get this done, but my derm assured me that I would likely be happy with the results. The way I figured it, is that everything has risks, just driving is a huge risk and the medication we take daily also has risks so this procedure was no different. The procedure itself didn't really hurt and I had little external bruising. What I will say though is that I really freaked out for the first week because on my eyes felt weird (almost like I had a stye in it). I was beginning to think the weird feeling would never go away, however about a week after it did. At first (the day of and after) my under eye area looked somewhat lumpy (which I totally panicked over). Luckily I have an excellent derm that eased my fears (even after two panicked visits from me) and let me know that what I was going trough was normal. I don't have to wear under eye concealer anymore and I look so much fresher! Yes, it does feel somewhat weird, and yes, my results are not 100% perfect -some small lumps, slight whitesh hugh in some areas- (however I am only a week in), but overall I am SO happy I had this done!! I love the way I look and love that people have no idea that I had this done (not even my husband knew). The change is amazing and easily melted 5 years off of my face. I will certainly do it again when I need to again.
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I live near Loma Linda and I have been looking for someone with tear trough experience. Do you mind sharing who did your Restylane?
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Thanks for sharing, glad you like your results so far!

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