Large Multicolored Rib Tattoo Removal - Lock Haven, PA

I'm having my large multicolor unfinished cover up...

I'm having my large multicolor unfinished cover up mess of a tattoo removed. I was told it might take up to 16 treatment for complete removal. I'm being treated with Revlite laser at $400 per session. I have had one treatment so far with promising results. I have already began to see some lines gone

It's day two after my first session and the entire...

It's day two after my first session and the entire site is pretty tender and swollen. My tattoo is large from arm pit to hip and I have pretty severe swelling even into my groin. Did anyone else experience this or find anything that helps?

I am now 6 days post 1st treatment and my tattoo...

I am now 6 days post 1st treatment and my tattoo is beginning to itch. Not as bad as some people have said but a slight needle pricking itch. I'm so thankful for this site because I get so discouraged when talking to people and getting the popular response "it's just a tattoo, no one cares" well I care!! I have accepted that this is not life ending but I am allowed to be upset about having something on my body that turned out to be not what I expected nor what I'm happy with. I admire people that can get a bad tattoo and laugh it off and never think of it again but I have accepted I am not one of those people and I will not be able to move on from this unless I do something! I am soo looking forward till I can go ALL day for one day without one thought of my tattoo!

Day 9 of healing and it feels back to normal just...

Day 9 of healing and it feels back to normal just some dry skin that's alittle itchy at times. I've been applying aloe from my house plant and it has healed tremendously. I have noticed some definite fading already with some lines completely gone and others broken up. The tattoo also has a overall fuzzy appearance. I cut out drinking soda and try to drink as much water as I can each day and take immune boosting vitamins because other than the laser type the strength of your body's immune system makes a great difference in your results!

I just had my second treatment yesterday and it...

I just had my second treatment yesterday and it was more painful than my first which I didn't think was possible! I used prescription numbing cream before which did absolutely nothing which was very disappointing. I openly cried throughout the whole session and was so embarrassed lol. She had to keep stopping and at one point I told her that I couldn't do it anymore and I wanted to just leave it alone. She encourage me that we would get through it and we did. 45 min of torture! She asked me if I had me period and I said no not thinking much of it and she said that pain tolerance vary greatly during your period. Sure enough today the day after I got my period. So maybe that had something I do with my melt down lol. I consider myself pretty tough with a high pain tolerance but this laser stuff is no joke. I have over 24 hrs worth of tattoo time on my ribs that I sat like a champ for never asking for a break but this laser removal KILLS me!! She said next time she will give me lidocaine injections but I'm alittle worried about how much she's goin I have to use because its such a large area. I don't mind needle sticks so that's no a problem but I know there's potential for lidocaine overdose. If the shots don't work I don't know if I can continue with this :(

5 days out of 2nd treatment and the healing went...

5 days out of 2nd treatment and the healing went much faster this time. I had swelling for the first 2 days and bruising but no blisters and it didn't even scab this time. I just received my Dr numb in the mail today and did a test patch on my arm and WOW it actually works!! I'm very excited to try this for my next appointment and hopefully no more crying lol.

Let me just start by saying Dr Numb is my...

Let me just start by saying Dr Numb is my lifesaver and new best friend!!!! I had my 3rd treatment today and if you read my last post they were extremely painful to the point I almost gave up on treatment. Before my session today I lathered up as much dr numb cream I could and wrapped myself up in seran wrap and hoped for the best. It felt numb to the touch but I wasn't sure if it would help with the laser. OMG she started and I felt nothing!!! I was on cloud nine so happy that I went from last week curling up in a ball screaming my eyes out to being able to hold a full conversation while she was lasering. I didn't have he stop once and she was actually able to do two passes over the whole tattoo bc I sat so well. She was amazed at the difference and so was I. So if anyone is having trouble with pain I highly recommend DR Numb! I have alot of bruising and swelling and a couple pin point blisters but other than that not much pain. Today made me sooo happy and gave me to boost I need to continue with this process. Next session we start color yay!!!!

3rd treatment

4th session

Yesterday I just had my 4th session. I am very swollen today and feeling alittle discouraged. Being so uncomfortable and in pain makes me not want to continue this process for the next year plus. She treated the black and added red this time so I had alittle more pain but tolerable with numbing cream. Hoping to see good fading results soon I need the encouragement.

2 weeks post 4th treatment

I am 2 weeks after my 4th treatment and pretty much completely healed other than some dry skin. Just started treating the red along with the black this session. She will start the blue and purple on the 6th session. I'm seeing some good fading in certain areas but still have a loooonnng way to go. I'm little depressed about having to wear a tankini this summer for the first time ever instead of my normal bikini. Oh well I'm grateful for the opportunity to even remove this tattoo :)

2 weeks post 4th session

Progress pictures :)

1 week post 6th treatment

First blistered this time but it is healed and the scabs have already came off (with my help). The hardest thing for me is not pick even though I usually still do. Finally seeing some good fading. She is treating all of my colors from now on.
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Hey there, wondering how you are making out - it has been awhile since your last update. Have you had anymore treatments?
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Hi after how many sessions you saw the red ink fade pls?
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The red ink faded after the first time she treated it and turned pink fast.
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Oops... Really concerned about the greens and purples.. What type of laser does your person use?
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I've had 7 treatments on 3 tattoos that are 18 years old.... I feel like there is some fading but I've been doing it a year now. My guy makes me wait 6 weeks in between. It's been long. I feel discouraged. Do you at all?? I hope not and if you don't maybe is feel reassured. Lol. I do see some fading. Honestly quite a bit but I'm really concerned about the free and
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Yes I do feel discouraged alot even though I do see fading I can't picture it ever being gone. I hate having to spend some much for something that's not guaranteed but what can you do. I feel there's no other options because I can't live with leaving it. Worst things could happen but laser removal is definitely a pain. I am using the Revlite laser and usually wait 8-10 weeks in between treatments for financial reasons and to reduce chances of scaring. I wish you the best:)
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Thanks! I wish you the best also. I'll follow along with you on your journey. I'll create a post and do photos like you're doing. Yours is super noticeable by the way! The best I've seen. Maybe mine did that and I just can't tell. I should have taken photos. Take care!!
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Yes comparing photos is the best way to feel encouraged because if I look in the mirror I see it still being super dark but if I put pictures side by side it helps me feel better that something is actually happening. :)
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Great results, hang in there! Do you find it gets really itchy the following week after treatment?

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Thank you very much! No I don't seem to get very itchy luckily.
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It's really fading now isn't it! You should be really pleased. Do you think you'll be able to remove the most if it completely? 
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I'm happy when the scabs first come off and I see the results but then I get used to it again and it seems like not much fading. I still not sure about complete removal but I'm not against a cover up but would definitely rather have complete removal. Thank you :)
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Hi :) My last treatment I used ice, she placed it on the section she wasn't working on and moved it around, helped alot. I also numbed it 2 hours before my session (Mr. Numb) Nothing will take the pain away completely (well the shots I hear do, but not everyone has that option) Glad the beach wear worked out! Hang in there, I feel your pain. B11
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Now that Summer is coming to a close (terrible words to have to type!) how did you do with wearing your tankini? Also, have you had your 5th session?

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Wearing the tankini wasn't ask bad as I thought it would be, I actually got some compliments on it on the beach :). Yes I had my 5th treatment and she treated the black, red and purple it took little over an hour because there is sooo much ink. Next time she will add the blue (the most ink) so I'm in for a looong session. I tried to post pictures but my phone won't let me for some reason :-\
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Oh, you got the photos to post - yay!! It looks like you are having good fading.

Sorry to hear that next session might be a rough one. :-/ Will you be numbing creaming like crazy before your appt?!

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I will be using lots of numbing cream for sure! Unfortunately the numbing cream starts to wear off around the 45 min mark. It is still tolerable but I def start to feel it.
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Ohhh, yeah - ok, maybe tell them to work reallllly fast! ;) Seriously though, I wonder if you could ask for a little break after about 30 mins & put more numbing cream on so you don't have to get treatment while its worn off?? Maybe if you ask them in advance they could schedule it in so the person performing the removal goes and sees another patient while you are taking your numbing cream break? They'll probably hate me for even suggesting it, but the thought of having to go through the process when the cream has warn off makes me grit my teeth, I can only imagine how you feel when you actually have to do it!

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Is it the whole tattoo you are trying to remove?
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Yes I'm removing the whole tattoo
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I understand the horrible feelings with the lasering sessions.  I'm all excited about the next session, I get the lidocaine injections, the lasering begins.  I think of the zaps like a battle between the light and the ink...the light is going to win.  The white residue reminds me of what the ink free area will look like.  I'm all numbed up, wrapped up and out the door I go.  Then that night I look at the lasered area and wonder when will you truly go away for good?  I wonder what have I done!  Why did I do this to myself?  I don't talk to my husband about it because he thinks I'm obsessing.  I've tried wearing beautiful bracelets to distract from the ink regret, but then I see someone on tv with beautiful hands.  Yes, my tattoo is on my hand....yuck...but it's fading, it's gonna take some time...oh by the way I'm not the most patient person, but I'm trying.  I think about how lucky I am: I can afford the laser sessions (well barely as I'm in grad school).  I was at a funeral yesterday for a woman who lost her fight with breast cancer at 36, I thought that I am lucky.  I'm trying very hard to be positive so the stress doesn't affect my healing.  I'll be so glad when this is all over, I have learned a big lesson.  I also know I'm not alone, we ink regret siblings have to ban together, support each other and know that the horrible feelings will eventually go away.  Each time I go to the clinic to be lasered I think of all the others on this forum who have sat in the chair waiting for the zapping to begin.  That's what gets me through it, knowing it will be alright and knowing that I'm not alone.  Good Luck with your fading.  aloha...k
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I know just how you feel everytime I'm swollen and in pain after my session I think what the hell did I do to myself! And think that there is no way for me to do this for another year but then after a couple days after I start to heal and see fading I feel hopeful again. Its nice to be reminding how lucky we are that this is the worst health issue we have to deal with and it is fixable. Good luck with you treatment and we are all with you in spirit while your sitting in that chair!
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Well said, I could not agree more :) it's a roller coaster ride, that is forsure!  
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