Fraxel Did Not Work - Livingston, NJ

Hello, I tried Fraxel for 4 treatments on my...

Hello, I tried Fraxel for 4 treatments on my stetch marks on stomach area and it did not work. My stomach did feel smoother but that was it. Nothing dramatic enough that made the 2k that I spent worth it. I guess its not for everyone. My stomach was red for a few days and looks like it was peeling a little but no big difference. I was really dissapointed.
You will be much happier with the tummy tuck. Hang in there. I'm happy to hear you are going a different route....maybe more expensive but worth it!!
Yes im a little nervous but very anxious and hopeful. Yes..more expensive but guaranteed results.

Thank you for sharing your experience with Fraxel, sorry to hear it didn't meet your expectations. How many weeks apart did you space your treatments? Did you find it painful being on your stomach?

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