Lower Jaw/chin Surgery - Liverpool, GB

Hi I want to have my lower jaw broken as I feel...


I want to have my lower jaw broken as I feel my chin sticks out due to larger lower jaw and I previously had braces for class 3 bite which was taken off 2012.

I thought the braces would fix my jaw too but unfortunately it still remains much larger than my top.

I hope to get surgery for my jaw so it can change my profile for the better, and I would be very gretfull for any information shared today please?

If you need to know anything or I have missed certain information please just let me know.

Thank you :))

Thanks for starting your story on RealSelf! Your first step should probably be to schedule consultations with board certified plastic surgeons near you to determine if this is possible given your anatomy, health, etc.

I hope you'll use this space to keep us updated on your journey. (My husband had a similar procedure done and it made a HUGE difference for him).

I really want it done, but it all comes down to cost as I have a son and he is my priority! I would love to have the surgery as it would change my life so much and would make me feel so confidence. What was you're husbands situation? Bite?
No sure!?

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