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I never liked my neck. It went from the tip of my...

I never liked my neck. It went from the tip of my chin straight down to my collarbone, looking like a turkey’s neck. In every picture, I appeared to have a double or triple chin. I was always told that I looked like my great grandmother. Years ago I found a picture of her from her 20s and realized I had her neck. There it was in black and white – a genetic trait that I would be forced to live with. A trait that no diet or exercise could ever change.

To compensate I discovered that I jutted my chin to try ti lengthen the appearance of my neck. Not only did I look more like a turtle than n a turkey, I was straining my neck, resulting in headaches and neck pain.

Now in my forties, I realized that there are procedures available to change this trait. I met with my Doctor to discuss options and she recommended VASER Lipo. I decided on the procedure to not only look better, but to feel better.

I am thrilled with the results. I had minimal discomfort following the procedure. The responses from those who don’t know about the procedure are the most satisfying. They compliment me on how good I look, and question what is different. Lost weight? New hair cut? New make-up? I am yet to have someone some up to me and say “Wow—you had your neck done!” The change is dramatic, yet subtle. I FEEL Wonderful.

Photo Update

Denver Plastic Surgeon

In our original meeting we discussed options and procedures. There was no pressure or selling. She explained the risks and potential outcomes. Her staff is friendly and very accommodating. Appts are on time

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I'm impressed with the outcome. I may consider a vaser lipo for my double chin in the near future. Being in my early 50's, my double chin has aged me, and it looks ugly. I hope my results are just as successful!
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I assume "bootyfull" you are the same poster as "kkk123" who posted the original pictures? If so, I meant no criticism of you personally. I am just wary in case physicians deliberately pose people differently or use a slightly different camera angle to "accentuate" results. As I said, you had a great result, and should be happy.
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You look like you had a great result. As a minor quibble, you are holding your head differently in the after pictures than you did in the before pictures. It may be chance, but we see a lot of this sort of thing, which raises alarms in the case it is systematically encouraged... In your case, you certainly did not need to do so because it's clear you had a marked result.
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I could hardly stand when i took the photos after my vaser, I thought i was going to faint but I dont recall standing differently. Infact I stood in the exact same place and always held my head up high so I dont even know what your on about! I promised the girls on this forum I would take photos as soon as I had my vaser which is what ive done as this helps people. If you havnt got anything good to say, dont bother!
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Wow! You look great! I'm having this done this upcoming week and although excited am also very nervous. How long were you bruised and swollen. I bruise very easily and I''m afraid that by the time I go back to work I will be a mess.
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Hi Im having vaser done in a few weeks and am very nervous. I just wondered how you got on with your vaser? Was you happy with the results? Your information would be very gratful! x
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