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Lipsosuction on Tummy and Hips

The only way to get rid of the tummy fat was to...

The only way to get rid of the tummy fat was to starve myself or get it removed. Well starving wasn't good for the rest of me so I had the fat on my stomach and hips removed. Painful - yes... I had it done in conjunction with my breast lift so both top and bottom was sore. The lipo to me was worse than the breast lift. I bruised and just sitting on the commode was a challenge. Get yourself in shape before with leg squats so that you can squat over the commode for a few days. Healing well though and the results are amazing. A totally flat tummy and the hourglass shape without the fat on the hips - so no more muffin top in the hip hugging jeans. I love it. Would do it again but not too soon -

Gainesville Plastic Surgeon

Great eye for shape and he is like an artist to make the most of your body shape after he sculps the fat away.

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I am really happy that you are so positive. How much weight did you have removed and were you in shape when you had your surgery? I am a little out of shape (okay, a lot) but want to know how a positive person with good self esteem goes through this process. I am very positive and no matter how big my muffin top is, I am really happy. I just want to look like I did before I got pregnant. You sound so positive and happy and I want to get to that level again.
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Update on the lipo...enjoying the effects. Its still like being touched through novacane (where the lipo was done) and it does feel odd. The jeans fit so much better and the flat stomach is awesome. I still watch the diet of course and exercise but the lipo allowed those stubborn areas to be gone and the results of my efforts are more evident. Self esteme was always good but now I feel like a supermodel.
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