Lips Super Swollen After Juvaderm

So far my lips are super swollen and I'm freaking...

So far my lips are super swollen and I'm freaking out. I have to return to work after 4 days and I'm worried. they look worse the 2nd day than the first and I've been icing.

To me it's not worth because it looks soooooo obvious and I wanted natural.

I had Juvaderm injections and now I have Duckbill lips. I mean that they overpower my small face. Will this go away, is it swelling and how long will it take for them to go down? Please help me, I am freaking out. Tamm0449
Hi, i also had lip injections and I cant stand it, my lips are so huge, escpecially the top, im so embarrased. My question for you is did they go down, do they look better now?
I had Juvederm injection on my upper lip only.The second day i wanted to cry and hide from the world ,but after 4 days it was much better and now (after 10 days) i love it.I think it is important to massage the area and put ice the first days .
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it way worse than he described.

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