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I went through three treatments and then found out...

I went through three treatments and then found out I had a kidney condition and can't finish my treatments. No one will call me back and I have left many, many messages to get a credit towards something else according to thier refund policy.

I did not have any results and still have some pea size lumps and bruising. The shots are painful, but were tollerable.


I only had two treatment, but paid for four and I can't get a hold of the office. This is really weird. I would kike to get a refund because the treatments were painful and if there offices are not open then it is fraud..... Sylvia
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Have you been to this thread (click here)? Sadly, a lot of LipoZap patients are in the same boat as you; perhaps they can help you out too? Please keep us updated on your progress and I hope things work out.
Did you use Care Credit ? If so, call them direct and give them details of your effort to get them to listen to you and refund the unused treatment. I got full refund when they wouldn't call me back after 3 months of calling and sending email. I contacted Care Care, they dealt with Lipo Zap in Tustin and after not hearing from in in 30 days, my account was fully refunded, including the 2 treatments I received. Never pay cash for this kind of services - you will not have any recourse. Good Luck and Keep on trying.

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