Lipotherme or Smart Lipo Was Not Has Bad As I Expected It to Be

Pros: I am 43 years of age and have developed a...

Pros: I am 43 years of age and have developed a muffin top along with bra fat. No matter how much I worked out those area's just reuse to go away. After talking to a friend she suggested I look into Laser Lipo. Hmmmm I thought to myself so i did, I consulted with several different doctors before deciding to go for it.

After reading many of the testimonies on this site I picked up several tips to ease my procedure. The morning of the procedure I woke up and took a vikadin then I grabbed my Ipod. For the most my stomach and love handles(flanks) was painless, but my bra fat(fat back) was very painful. The next time I was extremly soar, and have leaking. Its only been two days but I will keep posting as I begin the contouring process

Dr. Metha

I consulted with many Doctors i decided to go with Dr. M because he preformes this procedure at twice every friday. He is a weight Management and board certified surgeon. I might add he is also a prefectionist. He sat and explained to me in-debth what to expect and also my future goals for maintaining a heathy body. He mad the procedure very comfortable for me. I was very relaxed i even feel alseep during most of the procedure.

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