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Lipotherme - Love Handles and Stomach - Clifton Park, NY

I found the procedure to be relatively easy and...

I found the procedure to be relatively easy and not a big deal back in January 2010. 9 months later, I am having issues with the scars (didn't wear a bikini all summer) bruising or broken blood vessels and still have lumps across my upper and lower abdomin. I believe they are collagen lumps/bumps and have continued to massage them daily without any improvement. Goal: smooth them out and get rid of them by summer 2011. Any advise? So, in my opinion is, the procedure, cost, etc. is well worth it, if you just want to look good under clothes, and not in your sports bra or bikini!

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He was good prior and during procedure, however not helping with issues afterwards...9 months later....

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Keep massaging, but I am a year and 3 months after and still have lumpy skin. My daughter said my stomach looks deformed. Disappointed. Large scars as well. No bikini for this summer...2 years in a row... :-(
good luck and keep me posted.
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Had procedure done 3 months ago. Not seeing any results but lumpy skin. Was told may need to have touch up done but that means going through all that again during summer months.
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Isabella...what does your comment mean? I am now a year after procedure...???
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swelling initially, but will improve over the next couple of months. best results after 6 months
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"Keep massaging"; which I did religiously right after the procedure as instructed. "It could be collagen that clumped together"..I am now researching what I can do about that. "Give it more time"...I was initially told that by 6 months you'll see the final results...so now I am getting nervous..my stomach, although smaller and looks great under clothes, looks deformed. I go back in about 2 weeks for an additional appointment..I was supposed to be done in June, so I am anxious to see what is said now.
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what did the doctor say about the lumps and slow recovery?

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