Liposuction Fixed my Post-pregnancy Belly. Sort Of.

After giving birth to four lovely children and...

After giving birth to four lovely children and watching my stomach yo-yo back and forth, no amount of exercise or weight loss could get rid of the little pouch I had developed in my lower abdomen. Once my husband and I made the decision not to have any more children, I talked him into liposuction (not the other way around)!

I was awake but had local anesthesia for the liposuction. Admittedly this was a little frightful but I also liked that they could monitor me this closely and I could tell them if I was having any problems. The idea of being put to sleep and never waking up really bothered me so I’m happy they didn’t have to do that.

The bruising was as bad as everyone talks about – HORRIBLE! But I went into it expecting this and was actually surprised that, although I looked like a horror show, I didn’t hurt nearly as much as I thought I would. Moving around wasn’t easy but laying on the sofa watching Oprah? No problem! I must admit that hubby took care of all the household chores and was a gem to have around.

Now that the swelling and bruising has subsided I can see that the results will be subtle. Since I was only having lipo because of a small area, that’s okay. I’m not sure I would go through it again though. There’s no such thing as perfection and I think I could keep going back and never see the complete transformations that you read in the beauty magazines.


Had a minimal lower abdominal lipo (up to and around the navel with focus on the lower) 6 weeks ago. Cost $5500 which included a skin excision so that the excess skin would lie flat. He ended up not doing that which was fine with me. Painful - yes, yes, yes. Especially so when trying to get in and out of bed. Felt odd for the first few days as if I could feel the fluid sloshing around. The abdominal binder had a foam pad under it which was removed after a week. I wore a regular girdle (not a special lipo garment) for the next 3 weeks and continued to shrink. There was some initial swelling after I stopped wearing the girdle but this is normal and subsided quickly. Another advantage I noticed is lack of fluid retention prior to my period. Yippee! The results are fantastic. Still a bit lumpy which will subside completely in a few months. I went down a size and LOVE finding clothes that fit. I can shop in the junior department (although it's a bit of challenge finding age-appropriate clothes), so I rationalized that this is a return on investment :-) My advice: Please wait about 6 weeks before buying new clothes. I bought a few things while I was still swollen (although I didn't think I was). Now, they fit in the thigh but need the waist altered, a problem I'm glad to have :-) Get one body area done at a time not only because of the expense but the pain! I can't imagine getting my stomach, back, and waist done all at once. No way to get comfortable with all those areas done at once. I heard of one woman at the nail shop that I go to which had all that plus her thighs and calves done. Her doctor wanted her to stay home for 2 months and she still has significant bruising. Cost $12000. Lipo is NOT weight loss. Please lose the weight that you want FIRST then get the stubborn areas done.
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