Still Waiting for Results to Appear....need Lots of Patience...depression....

I am writing on behalf of my sister.  On Nov...

I am writing on behalf of my sister. 

On Nov. 10, 2008 at noon time she went for her procedure under general anesthesia.  She had flanks, inner/outer thighs, abs done.  When she awoke from the anesthesia she was in the worse pain of her life (like being skinned alive).  The staff and doctors wouldn't allow her to take any pain medication until a certain time slot ( she was never told this).  She was crying and biting her sheets repeating the words " I NEVER WANT TO DO THIS AGAIN!"  Her husband, bless his heart, craddled her and waited for the doctor to give the ok for the pain killers.  Blood and fluid were leaking out of all her wounds and her compression garment was soaked (buy to compression you can wash one while in the other).  Her husband kept calling the doctor because it was frighting and didn't seem normal.  The doctor and staff gave the ok for the pain medication.  Soon she was high has a kite and pain reduced to a comfortable and managable solution.  She was relaxed and everything calm.  She slept while the baby sitter stayed with her to help her with her daughter and herself.

She stayed home for a week from work and things were looking brighter.  Very sore and bruised like the color of an eggplant.  Lot's of bruising.  She was off pain medication by day three and taking Tylenol.  She still was sore and uncomfortable.

She woke up to her right leg bigger than her left by day four.  She called her doctor because she was concerned.  They told her that her right leg didn't drain like the other and is more swallon then the other leg.  They told her it takes time to heal and that she is in the healing process and ready for massage thearpy (by the way which can be painful after jumping in a fire pit and jumping out).

So, this is her current progress report.  I will update her progress thoughout the weeks to come.  She has been crying and she is in the depression stage.  She questions her insanity and the doctors creditability.  She repeats over in her head "What did I do to myself".  I give her postive notes that all will be fine and in time I honestly believing she will be fine.  Patients and recovery is a long haul.


I had lipo along with a tummy tuck and the pain is great however it was expected. Dr. Kane and staff prepared me for the pain and discomfort and I made sure I had help and took my meds as prescribed. It was rough however I am glad I did it. I love my shape and it gave great confidence to get in the gym to work even harder. I'm sorry your experience was so bad and I truly feel your pain.
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I am 10 days post lipo on innner and outer thighs. I can relate to the depression. Results seem to look ok from the front but I still have lots of bruising on the backs of my thighs. I am noticing bruising down above the calf muscle which I don't understand why. If I look at all the bruising, the depression kicks in. That is when the regrets kicks in. If the new bruising continues to appear guess i will go in and show them. Good luck to all.
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I've read that going under anesthesia tends to be not as common anymore. Old liposuction technique and depending on the doctor's aggressiveness could lead to more complications. I did local anesthetic and was able to tell them when I felt a slight pinch anywhere when they were using lipo on me. I was back to work in 2 days.
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