So Happy and Sore!

I had my surgery (vasor lipocontour) on Thurs the...

I had my surgery (vasor lipocontour) on Thurs the 14th.I had my flanks and outer theighs done. The procedure took about one hour , I  had local and some pain killers.The procudure was uncomfortable but not untolerable. I can kind of compare it to dental work. You cant really feel it ,but it is not pleasent.I was able to get up off the table myself and walk out of the office. The first night I just stayed in bed.There is alot of leakage   .   (eww) Sat. I was off pain meds and moving around ok. I am just alittle tierd and sore. The best part is I know that I am still really swollen and I can allready see great results.This morning I fit into a pair of jeans I havent been able to wear .I can allready tell a huge difference looking in the mirrior, and I cant wait to see the results when the swelling is down.I have always been unhappy with certain areas of my body, I excercise and eat okay but nothing ever changed.Honestly this is like a dream come true!

I had liposculpture done on August 5th , mine was done manually no smartlipo, none of the stuff everything was done manually, the procedure was alittle bit painful at times, I had my whole stomach, hips ,whole back and under my buttocks done,that was the worse part, so far can't really tell the difference I'm still very swollen around my lower stomach and hips ,got some bruises already in my lower back and starting to feel itchy , just hoping for the best cause I am not planning to have this done again
I am hopeing to undergo this procedure at the end of this month, and Im happy with what you've described as your results. Not looking foward for the tight garment at night. I work standing and walking around most of the day, and wear a well fitted 20 lb belt around my waist, hopefully a week off will be enough to get be able to go back without too much problems.
I had tumescent liposuction eight days ago and so far, so good. I had lipo on my outer thighs, flanks, hips and bra line. The procedure was slightly uncomfortable but not painful. It took about four hours in total and I was awake and able to stand in front of a mirror (for a quick symmetry check) during the op. Immediately afterwards I weighed 10 lbs more than my pre-op weight, then after a day I was 3 lbs less than pre op, and now a week later I am four pounds heavier than before the procedure. I am wearing a body garment from my calves to under the bust which is uncomfortable (especially at night) but nothing I am not willing to tolerate for a good result. I have been advised to wear it for a month after surgery which I will do. I also wore a mid body wrap for six days which was very uncomfortable during the night and gave me bad back ache. You wrap this around as tight as you can so it may be that I should have had it a bit looser. I can really see a difference in my bra line and my outer thighs already, however, I have not gone down a dress size and clothes that did not fit before, do not fit now (especially around the waist). I am still quite bruised and tender and I definitely could not go back to my pre-op activities (riding my bike to work each day and four keep fit classes inc cardio, stretch and yoga classes). That said, I can move around pretty comfortably and intend to do some gentle walking from today onwards. At the moment I am feeling sore, itchy (from the healing adits) and horribly fat (but only because my scales are telling me that I am). Overall, at the one week point I am happy and can see definite results. If the swelling continues to go down during the next couple of months I will be ecstatic. Just in case you want to know the procedure side of things, here is how it worked for me: Weigh in; Blood pressure check; Undress and put on paper thong pants Have pictures taken Go into procedure room and take a calming sedative tablet (optional) Get wiped down with sterilising solution Lie down on table and get hooked up to a heart monitor and a blood pressure machine Have loads of injections to numb the areas for the canula (uncomfortable and sting a bit) Saline, lidocane solution is pumped in Canula is inserted and machine creates a vibration and the doctor pokes around to get the fat out. Stand in front of the mirror to check symmetry Do a bit more poking and sucking Check again Finished. Nurse put pads on the holes and helps you into garment You are now ready for someone to take you home.
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