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I had liposuction on my outer thigh (saddle bags)...

I had liposuction on my outer thigh (saddle bags) done almost 3 years ago. I am a fit, active mid 30's gal who could never get rid of my bags, no matter what my weight.

I researched the procedure for 2 years before finding "The Lipo King." I can not say enough about researching your doctor and the procedure itself. As the Dr. what size cannula he uses? It is worth the extra expense of traveling to find the best.

The procedure itself was very easy for me. I did have bruising for two weeks and numbness for over a year (not pain, just numb.) I hate to say it, but there really was NO pain. The results were immediate, however full healing and results truly takes 6 months to a year. I took short walks the first few days and 6 days after was teaching fitness classes. No one noticed, except for commenting that I must be working out hard.

This was one of the best gifts I have given myself and I would do it again. This is surgery! and there is always risks, even in the best of hands. Do your research and don't have unrealistic expectations. Liposuction did not rid me of my cellulite, just the big biscuit hanging on the side of my thigh.

Dr. Craig Ball MD

He is experienced, honest, and kind and will take the time to answer all your questions. His staff is wonderful and caring. It's like having your Mom watch over you.

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More lessons learned....upon researching "the Lipo King" I discovered that the Lipo King is no longer licensed to practice medicine in California, he was not a board certified surgeon or plastic surgeon, and appears not to have been board certified in any specialty. In looking for a plastic surgeon, I've learned that there are non-surgeons performing liposuction (e.g. dermatologists), including in some cases physicians who did not complete credible post-graduate training in liposuction and who would not be credentialed at some hospitals to perform liposuction in a hospital setting. I'll be staying clear of anyone designated by themself or anyone else as King of anything.
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This is an interesting case that may lead some to conclude that it is wise to thoroughly research your physician. When I went to check out "the Lipo King" I found some very revealing information on the Medical Board of California, "Public Document Search" ( http://publicdocs.medbd.ca.gov/pdl/mbc.aspx) specifically a Decision by the Board on December 31, 2007. For those considerng any surgical procedure, this may be cause to research your doctor. The details reported by the Board are eye-raising. I'm in the process of searching for a plastic surgeon, and I can not believe some of the things that I have discovered
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