Saggy Skin

Saggy skin worse than fat!Yes, in clothes I look...

Saggy skin worse than fat!

Yes, in clothes I look better after liposuction surgery. My stomach is flat. But I no longer can stand to see myself, much less let anyone else see me naked. It's disgusting - I truly look deformed. There are bumps, valleys, and lots of skin. I wish I hadn't done it.

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I live in Seattle and am going to Dr Gottlieb for smart lipo. Are you familiar with him?
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Please share any comments you have regarding Dr Gottlieb. I am thinking of getting liposuction done by him.
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Ditto. I've heard good things and am looking at him for smart lipo. Has anyone else had any experience with him?
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perhaps looking into a skin tightening treatment like Thermage will help. Thermage can tighten the loose skin that results after lipo.
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