Fat Gone, but Wrinkling Permanent!

I had liposuction done on my thighs and abdomen...

I had liposuction done on my thighs and abdomen.  I worked out a lot and was in excellent condition, just had tiny saddlebags on outer thighs.  I was 46 when I had it done, and was at an ideal weight, and should not have tried for perfection.  Everyone thought I looked in my 30's. 

My doctor was encouraging that this procedure was just a "touch up" and that while she was at it, she might recommend doing my tummy and waist.  Wow! what a mistake.  She basically shaped my thighs into the trunks of trees, straight and shapeless....she perfomred the lipo over the entire thigh, front and back.  My tummy was flattened and my waist thinned, although, as I said, my weight was ideal, 123, and I was 5 ft 5 inches, at the time. 

Now...10 years have gone by, and the skin on the sides of my upper thighs have never returned to firmness...the skin sags, I never wear a bathing suit.  The shape of my thighs is still awful.  My tummy is still flat and there is no wrinking there, but the 5 pounds of weight that I gained, all went to the area below my abdomen, (pubic area), so that I now look distorted in that area, with an enormous vulvular area. 

Need I say more? 

The first year that I had the lipo done, I returned to the same doctor due to the wrinkling and she "re-touched" with a tiny canula, no difference, however.  I would say that unless you are young with very resilient skin, can maintain your ideal weight precisely (not even a 5 pound weight gain), and can afford the very finest and most expensive surgeon, do not do it! It has been one of the biggest regrets of my life.
The fat cells removed in the areas of concern are no longer there, so you will gain weight everywhere else but the places that have been treated with liposuction. You will not gain weight evenly or proportionately after any lipo procedure. You will gain weight all around the areas having the opposite problem in the same areas. I didn't even go in for liposuction but paying the price anyway. All this information after the fact is so useless, only serves as a warning and to better educate the next patient/victim.
Fran - i can sooo relate. my prob after lipo was getting cellulite where saddle bags used to be. can't a girl catch a break!?! i feel like i wasted the money and took unecessary risks. beat myself up for that. wishing you a great week ahead.
I had lipo done in similar areas about 12 years ago. I had a 20 pound weight gain, but lost this weight. However, losing it didn't matter. I've always gained weight evenly. NOW...it's very uneven. I have huge arms and a huge upper tummy. That "private part" thing is somewhat of an issue as well. Again, I'm am a normal weight, probably a little less than I was previously. Things seem distorted.
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