Liposuction: I Am Not Better off

I had liposuction four years ago, when I was 35. I...

I had liposuction four years ago, when I was 35. I am 5'4" and weigh about 145, which is borderline overweight. I have always stored fat in my thighs, plus my thighs are short, so I was perpetually unhappy with them. But what made me want liposuction for years were my upper thighs in particular. They were really large and flabby, with pockets of fat on the inside that rubbed against each other, which was very uncomfortable, especially in warmer weather. And I could never find pants that would hang nicely. So after I annoyed my poor husband long enough by complaining about this (he never minded my thighs at all), he finally said, "Go ahead honey, if it makes you happy."

So I did my homework, interviewed surgeons, etc., and selected one that was board certified, with an excellent reputation, and had even been head of plastics at a local medical college. He got rid of those inner thigh lumps, but my skin kind of "fell" as a result. It looks sort of like cellulite, but the ripples are fewer and MORE pronounced. In addition to that, I have an uneven contour--he took more from the right side than he did from the left. I went to another surgeon who specializes in reconstruction to have my skin lifted in the back of my thighs. It helped--a little (and cost more money, of course). But now I have scars from that.

All things considered, I am very sorry I had liposuction and would not do it again. I have to live with this lumpy skin and scars forever now, and I wish I just had to live with the original big thighs that God gave me. It was a mistake, and I would encourage anyone considering it to just be happy with their shape, eat right, and be active. Forget the surgery.


I truly appreciate your honesty. I have a similar body composition as your's, and have always been disappointed about the extra weight in my thighs. No matter how much I workout, it remains. But thanks to you, I realize they are what make me, me. My husband is fine with my appearance, so I should be too. Thanks for your sincerity and honesty, again. It's a shame you had to endure the cost and poor results.
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