Liposuction Made my Stomach Look Deformed

I was always skinny with a small stomach and...

I was always skinny with a small stomach and wanted to have a flat stomach so I can wear a bikini. I went in for a small procedure and came out in the worst pain, I couldn’t move for almost a week.

After all that now my stomach looks deformed with bumps I called him up to tell him after a month or so he said don’t worry its going to get better 3 month past I call the office they tell me he doesn't work any longer something is wrong with his hands.

Nice.....well....let me plastic surgeon who was "well known" is triple board certified. The American Board of Plastic Surgery, The American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, and The American Board of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery. Consistently voted "Super Doc" by Texas Monthly....recognized by consumer's research council of America as one of "America's Top Plastic Surgeons".....blah, blah, the end of the day my surgery was botched. I did all the research in the world and spoke to people....looked at pictures....contacted medical board to inquire about didn't mean squat in my case. So, my point is that you sounded like you thought you were a little superior to the original post because you did not experience any problems and you did some research. Well it is a devastating thing to go through and the last thing anyone needs who is experiencing this is to be chastised by some unknown person about what they should have done and even intimate that they got what they deserved.....that's all. Also, I agree that an OB/GYN (looking at fat chicks all day?) is not a Plastic Surgeon and I also know that a Chiropractor is not a MEDICAL DOCTOR. Now go spread some more joy sweetie! :)
i have had several lipos anto correct my bumps and indentation, I am told nothing can be done, i wont even take my shirt off if am around a woman if anyone has had any results from something like this, I would really appreciate it. Thanks George
WELL confuzed... one of the first things she says is that she did NOT check his background. She did NO research. Therefore, the comments are fair. When you choose to have any medical procedure it is YOUR responsibility to investigate that physician and facility completely. That does not mean if a problem arises out of the physician or facilities errors that you do not have the right to file a complaint with the medical board, or sue if it is malpractice, but it is still the patient's responsibility to be informed and relying on the facility to provide all your answers is not responsible. When you are going to have someone cut on your body you need to take control. This does not mean that a doctor with exemplary status will not make errors, but your risk is reduced. Besides, what does "well known" mean? I have been a physician for 20 years. I have known doctors that are well known, but not for the good. All I am doing here is trying to guide people before they walk in some medical spa to have SURGERY by someone that has learned to do Smart or Vaser in a weekend seminar and has no other experience in body contouring/ sculpting procedures. Chances are you will have better results with a Board Certified Plastic surgeon. Can there be negative effects? YES, it is an invasive procedure there are always risks, but going to the EENT (one in my area doing Smart Lipo) then your risks have increased dramatically. So before anyone has any sort of invasive medical procedure, research your butt off. Get on line, talk to friends, family, contact your state medical licensing board(located in your state capitol and often on line) and see if the doctors license is active. It is not uncommon for a doctor, in any field to have an inactive license due to simple clerical oversights such as forgetting to mail in their license renewal fee by the due date. In my state the board does not send out any form of reminder, we have to renew every 2 years, in July and we have to just remember the due date, we are required to obtain continuing education credits every year. The doctor is required to keep those credits on file. If paying your bi-yearly license renewal fee slips your mind for a few months then that doc is practicing without a license, if an issue arises and a patient is caused harm, they may have no legal recourse as once the docs malpractice insurance becomes aware that the doc forgot to keep his license active, then guess what???? No malpractice insurance. The state (at least mine) does not notify you if you have failed to renew your license. For docs making that honest mistake, letting the date get by them it is typically easy to resolve. Point is, it is highly possible that if the OP had contacted her state board than she may have found out this "doc" was a phony or had previous suspensions, lawsuits etc. With all that said, I am empathetic to both you and the OP. I am sorry you both had a bad experience with something that was intended to make you look better and feel better about yourself. I DO understand how important that is as a woman. There was no intention on being mean to this OP. I feel that as a physician (not in any surgical field), and as a woman, that I can relate useful information to other woman, men too, that are considering going under the knife for elective procedures. I did my due diligence and have had phenomenal results (you can read my review & see my pics) and I am grateful for that because I know that even with the best of research negative things can happen. Surgery is risky! But the risk is decreased if you are informed. I wish both of you luck in resolving your issues. Hopefully you can be happy with how you look and your self image. Good Luck
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he had a great office but i didnt check his backround. i thought the Certificates in his office were his, they weren’t

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