Liposuction in Budapest

I had liposuction on my 'love handles' in June...

I had liposuction on my 'love handles' in June 2008 in Budapest. I had been there previously for another cosmetic procedure so I kinda knew what to expect.

Before I left for Budapest, information exchange between the clinic and myself was very efficient and they answered all the questions I had.

In regards to the actual operation, I was told there may be a little bit of pain afterwards, but to be honest it didnt hurt at all.. just a bit uncomfortable because of the pants you have to wear afterwards!

I was awake during the procedure and it didnt take long, it was a funny feeling as the tool the surgeon used vibrated (this tool was more advanced so gives better results). It even ticked at one point! lol

I did panic a bit and thinking well what if the anaesthetic wears off?? But it didnt and the operation went very well.

I have still got small love handles, but who hasnt?

The surgeon didnt take too much fat out as this may cause wrinkling of the skin, but the results afterwards were good and nearly a year on am still satisfied.

They are still a bit sensitive, but liposuction can take ages to heal.

do you have any contact information for the surgeon in budapest? thanks
Hi there, I live in Connecticut that's where my doctor is located. I don't have any information on Budapest.
Good evening, I couldn't be happier with the results I've achieved with my liposuction on Sept. 22nd. I thought I needed a tummy tuck at first but the lipo did the trick. It was like a jump start to getting my body back after having had 2 children. Nothing giggles when I walk and everything is firm, tight and wonderful. I do work out which I enjoy but am not a maniac about it. I highly recommend the procedure and would definitely do it again.
Aura International Clinic

He talks you through every aspect of the operation and what to do before and after... he know what he's talking about and compared to UK surgeons? They dont have a patch on him.

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