Alot More Than I Exected

I did lose inches no weight i went from a size 9...

i did lose inches no weight i went from a size 9 to 5 but my stomach is still very lumpy its been about 3 months i am just hoping it goes away has for the surgery i was very painful after i could not walk sleep it was horrible.
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Lumpiness after three months is not a good sign. It may still even out, but you should probably see your provider. You can continue massage and consider something like mesotherapy/lipodissolve in the lumps or a procedure like Triactive or Thermage. You may need a small touch-up procedure with very small cannulas to get everything right. I highly recommend looking into SmartLipo for this. You should end up with smoother results and tighter skin than with traditional lipo.
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Hi Brandy, i was wondering if you have any photos of your results- I am having the same procedures done in a month and I worry about a lumpy stomach. Also, who was your doctor? Thanks- Jmeree
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