6 Weeks After Lipo

Had upper and lower Lipo with a breast reduction....

Had upper and lower Lipo with a breast reduction. I am still very sore, very. When I wear the compression garment it makes my skin hurt. I don't really know how to describe it. I thought recovery would be easier.
I had 8lbs removed.
I would love to hear from those who are still hurting after this amount of time.
Can't really enjoy the results because I am so uncomfortable.

I am a 46 year old male had level 1 gynecomastia (the lowest level I guess). I had surgery 6 weeks ago. I had 2 small incisions each side of my breasts (almost under my arms) where the Liposuction was done and I had some breast tissue removed from under my nipple. Since the operation I have been feeling lousy. The swelling is still as bad as it was after 2 or 3 weeks and my skin around the centre of my chest and nipple area is extremely sensitive that I don't even like to wear a loose fitting T Shirt as the friction is really sore - The closest i can explain is it is like having sun burn but different somehow. The I went back to the hospital who said there was no concern as it is probably nerve endings repairing? That is not much comfort to be honest. I am going back again in a couple of days. I take Co Drydamol and an Anti Imflamatory each day but it doesn't help much. As much as I hated the Gynecomatia I am not sure I would really go through this again had I known it would be like this. I really hoped I would be back to my self by now but still in a lot of discomfort.
I am on my 4 weeks I have almost my entire body liposuction and breast reduction. I hate garment, but I still wear 24/7 right now, and yes, it is soooo uncomfortable and I'm still swelling, especially around my abdominal area. My breast reduction is still hurt me, everytime I try to bend down. I feel like my breast muscle just pulling apart. If anybody has that experience, please let me know when would it goes away. Thanks.
Hi I had upper and lower abdomen, flanks, bra roll and a great breast reduction from ddd or sometimes f to a nice d. I would never go through the initial pain from the liposuction again. Ever. I had 10 lbs removed. I am 50 so don't know if the recovery is harder or what. But the garment is so tight and uncomfortable that who can eat? So do I look better because of the weight I'm forced to lose or because of the liposuction?
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