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Been watching liopsonix before solta bought it ,...

Been watching liopsonix before solta bought it , as a RDMS (sonographer) i fear unnnecessary surgery . I had a apt with plastic surgeon who said I'd never get rid of my belly and after running three marathons realized he was right. When liposonix came out I almost left the country to have it done. I'm glad I didn't because now its in the states and very costly however I just had the tx done and am waiting To see results, the clinic staff was amazing ,I'd recommend taking the meds beforehand. I didn't and wished I had . Solta does not depict the discomfort accurately . It is like intermitent bee stings or snapping with a rubber band for a hour yes intermitent but still why have the discomfort when some oral meds can take the edge off. Would be totally easy with a oral pain killer 30 min before. Use the ice packs .. I'm happy I did it waiting to see results the staff makes the difference a dr didnt do it , mine were amazing!

Thanks for posting. I have just had it done myself and are waiting to see the process happen. Little swollen. I did take the meds before and recommend it

Hi there, thanks for sharing your experience with us. Please keep us updated with your progress.

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Waiting to decide Clinic was amazing and staff top notch

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