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Can you sue these places that leave you feeling...

Can you sue these places that leave you feeling deformed and mutilated???!! Had purelipo in Atlanta, GA. It's been over 3 months now. To start, it was unexpectedly very painful. I asked the doc to stop, but he didn't. Secondly, I had bad sores that looked like huge round tears. They said the tape they used did it. Took weeks and weeks for the scabs to finally come off and now skin is scarred and has keloids. Now I have skin that feels like I cannot bend. Feels like it has been stapled or superglued to my ribs!! Very painful. Not to mention how I look now. Sure in CLOTHES the fat rolls are gone, but underneath looks horrible!! Lumps, bumps, hardness.. bruising that is STILL there and of course the scarring from the tears.

What are my options here??? Has anyone else had purelipo in Georgia? Has anyone sued any of these docs leaving us like this?


Just read above.

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Thank you so much for sharing! I live in the same area you do & I am currently choosing a cosmetic surgeon. Posts like yours help me know which doctors to avoid. Also, WVlady, I am so sorry for your experience! It enrages me that these doctors get away with this treatment. I am still proceeding with my surgery but will be even more cautious choosing a doctor. I hope you both have considered legal action as you both deserve to see some form of punishment done to these doctors. Good luck to both of you!
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DON'T DO IT! I wish I had researched before I had the procedure done. You are much better off going to a BOARD CERTIFIED PLASTIC SURGEON. Any, yes ANY medical doctor can perform this procedure. Which is unfortunately what I had. He even brought in another doctor right before the procedure who actually performed & instructed my doctor what to do step by step through the entire ordeal. I was given two valum and some ibuprofen and was jabbed 17 times with a syringe that was approximately 12 inches long. I cried, screamed a begged for them to stop and was told the tumunesent fluid they injected in me was toxic and they had to get it out. I begged for more pain medicine to no avail. Two women held me down during this horrific ordeal. Before having the procedure the doctor told me the one lady was a registered nurse. He lied. I was not monitored for vital signs. It was horrible, just horrible. This happened to me a year ago and I just now able to share this experience with others. DON'T DO IT!!!
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I was wondering how you are doing now that several more months have passed. Have some of the lumps dissipated? What are/were the lumps? Areas of fat not suctioned out or more like scar tissue? Did you have it done on your abdomen, back, legs? I am sorry for your bad experience, but thank you for sharing it with others. So many have good experiences so I wonder what made yours different. Equipment failure? Thanks for any more info you can share.
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i need to know what that doc name for i can make shore he a doctor i dont want on visit list
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So sorry about your experience.  Is purelipo a type of liposuction, or a name of clinics offering lipo?

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It is a type of lipo that is also considered body sculpting.
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