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I went to his office because the website made it...

I went to his office because the website made it seem like it would be a little less stressful than many of the other facilities.

The thing i notices about the site was that there was a meet the team section and in that section it stated that everyone on his staff had some sort of procedure.

When I arrived, I said hi to the young lady behind the desk and stated "I think I remember seeing your picture on the computer", she looked at me with a baffled look and of course I felt like an idiot.

I then requested for female assistants to help me get dressed after the procedure, as I am quite modest and I was told that this was not possible.

After it was explained to me that I "wasn't the first and wont be the last...." I was asked to sit in the lobby and decide if I wanted the procedure done. Recognize at this point I have been asked to sign a credit card receipt, asked to complete forms, but still have had the opportunity to speak with the Dr.

After about 3 minutes, The PA came out and without even asking me what I decided, informed me that they were going to refund my money and "let's call this a day"

Don't let the light hearted video or the website fool you-----you, you are a number. We all have special needs that is what makes us individuals, go to a doctor that understands this, and avoid

This site requires me to put in a dollar amount, please note that my deposit of $8700 was refunded.

I am one of those nightmare stories. Abdomen I'd wavy and looks rediculous. I filed complaint with care credit and they reversed the $4400 charge. However I am out the $1500 I paid in cash.
It's a really good thing you left that place! Dr. Alan Bittner's office is now shut down! It turns out he was a fraud and performed awful surgery on many woman. Well actually his "assistants/interns" did, he never even perfomred the surgery himself! You could have been a nightmare story like others. Let's just say that God was on your side that day and your instincts might have saved you that day!
Liposculpture is not for everyone, but there are many terrible facilities. Mine is scheduled in December. The Doctor I went to is also an internal physician and weight loss specialist. Her team does include RN's. Most other facilities I have visited have "consultants" reviewing information with you. The "consultants" then "decide" if you are a good candidate. Honestly, I do not think you should not have it done because you went to a shady facility. Maybe you should try another facility.
Dr. Alan Bittner, Beverly Hills Liposculpture

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