Thyroid Problems

I just read where one hypothyroid patient started...

I just read where one hypothyroid patient started gaining weight. I just had one treatment and was not impressed, still a touch swollen, 2 weeks out. What is up with the thyroid deal? I lost 62 lbs around 2001 (due to thyroid surgery) and have kept it off for most of the time. I hope I haven't totally messed up with lipodissolve. NO more for me. I just want this stuff to get out of me and not mess with my throid (I take Armour and that does help with the weight).
What was the name of the Dr. in Atlanta that performed your lipodissolve?
The comment made on March 6th, where did you have this done in Atlanta? Did you also make any additional research on the ingredients such as the choline if that affects thyroid or spoken to a thyroid doctor? Thanks,
Where in Atlanta did you get injections? I thought ALL the offices were closed?
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