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I went to {see provider field above} and spent...

I went to {see provider field above} and spent $3600 on lipo injection they said my stomach would loose inches but I lost none I amd only 143 pounds and 26 years old thats not a lot I cannot belive that this place lied and took my money dont do something you regreat reserch and find out about the company befor you spend your money... thats where I went and dont make the same mistakes

Has anyone out there received lipo dissolve from the Body Med Spa in Oakbrook, Illinois. I had a consultation with them today and they really sound like they know what they are doing!!
I also went to Nu U Medspa to enquire about Lipodissolve.. I read up on it before going to not seem stupid. I must say I was totally shocked about the consultation! The lady said the fat cells would dissolve and come out through my urine...this is not what the several of studies done by MDs said which I found before going. When I asked about possible complications and concerns she just said "No, there is none". I felt she knew as much about it as the clerk at the supermarket, and I would NEVER let anyone who doesn’t inform you properly about the procedure but does want you to sign a bunch of legal papers saying they did, touch my body! :| I later found out they are under several investigations, so I guess I didn’t do my research good enough after all…. So glad I didn’t go through with it!!!
Hi Mimi, I'm so sorry to hear about your bad experience with LipoDissolve. You mentioned that you're "pretty sure the people posting the + comments on this site are the people offering the procedure". I can assure you that we do everything possible to verify the authenticity of the reviews and comments posted here. For one, every review is individually checked before it is published on the site. We do receive spam but, by checking 100% of submitted content, I believe we do a great job of ensuring spam doesn't reach RealSelf members. RealSelf is an unbiased resource, so we allow users to post both positive and negative experiences. LipoDissolve currently has a 37% rating on our "Was It Worth It?" index, which unfortunately means that the majority of patients are like you - they're not satisfied with the results. We'd appreciate it if you'd take the time to share your story and help educate other potential patients by posting a review. Thanks for your feedback and I hope this information helps. Cheers, --Sharon
Nu U Med Spa on 908 W Armitage in chicago Il 60614

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