Hated the Experience, Still No Results

August 8th was my third and last injection. The...

August 8th was my third and last injection. The pain was horrible and I have not seen any results. I informed the individual who toook me to the room that I had been having migraines, which I have never had before, she told me that headaches are " not uncommon". I requested an appointment with the physcian affiliated with the Houston-Galleria office and she told me that the Nurse Practioner would be in. The NP came in and she relayed what the first person told her. She also stated that headaches are "not uncommon". I again told her that I am having migraines, not headaches. I refused the fourth treatment and again requested an appointment with the physcian affiliated with that office. She told me that the physcian would tell me the same thing. I told her that I wanted a refund. She said that she would forward my chart to corporate for review. I did get a refund (initially $7200), but they charged me $1500 for the 3 treatments that I did receive, that did absolutely nothing. The areas treated were my loves and I see absolutely no change. Since stopping the treatments, I have not had anymore migraines.
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I, too, am in the process of trying to get a refund. My reason is that I should never have been treated due to the fact that I am hypothyroid and fig even has medical research on their website that states someone with autoimmune disease should not be treated. The PCDC is a soy based derivitive and according to medical research, causes the body of people who take synthetic thyroid hormone not to absorb the medication. I did have one representative (Mitch) from fig ask me how they were supposed to know that I am hypothyroid. My response to this was I PUT IT ON THE APPLICATION I COMPLETED WHEN I WENT IN FOR THE INITIAL CONSULTATION!!!!!! I saw a commericial on television this past weekend for fig and they advertise the results are guaranteed or your money back. I wonder why they don't advertise that results are guaranteed or if you are lucky and are willing to go through an act of congress they will give PART of your money back!!!! If I went to the mall and bought a pair of pants from a store that said if they don't fit, I could get my money back, I would expect to get all of my money back----not all except some outrageous amount just because I took the pants home and tried them. I have tried to tell everyone I know about what has happened to me as a result of fig's sales people telling me that I was a perfect candidate when I was NOT a perfect candidate and my health was put in jeopardy because of their incorrect advice. I have also filed complaints with the Better Business Bureau in Atlanta, the Attorney General's Office in Atlanta, and the State Composite Board of Medical Examiners (the doctor I saw when I went back for my "refund" consultation IS NOT A PLASTIC SURGEON!!) I have also told my story to Fox 5 News in Atlanta and will go to 11 Alive News next if I have to. My whole body is still swollen to the point that I have had to buy larger clothes so that I could have something to wear to work. The swelling in my legs still leaves pitted marks when pressed. They need to be stopped before someone has such severe effects that they do not survive!!!
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