Didn't See Any Change at All and Very Painful Procedure!

I went through 2 sessions of the Lipodissolve and...

I went through 2 sessions of the Lipodissolve and I don't think it did one bit of good.  It was extremely painful afterwards.  They tell you to massage the area because the medicine forms hard pockets, and I cried the whole time I did it.

I think the basic premise of the procedure is basically hogwash.


I had 6 sessions of lipodissolve. 3 front thigh, 2 on outer/inner/banana bit under bottom and one more inner knee on front of thigh. All 3 weeks apart. It made a slight, very slight difference in terms of fat but it did improve skin texture and cellulite! I will say it was VERY painful with 80 injections in each session. I had gas but this only slightly helped. It stung badly, swelled incredibly, got all bumpy and lumpy though this all went down in less than a week. I could not sit or walk or leave the house for a few days after each treatment.. no down time my arse! It was ok and I think worth it for small areas but really far to expensive, painful and a slow, slow process for larer ones. I am now concidering lipo as almost a year after my procedures I feel no different and never want to go through it again.
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What is going on with a lawsuit?
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