Hated It!!!

Horrible!!! It hurt, and was the most painful...

Horrible!!! It hurt, and was the most painful thing in my life!! Once I got in it all I wanted to get out of it!!! I cried God help me! ( In my thoughts). I tell everybody who wants to do it, not to!!! You will definatley regret it! Thank you and good bye!
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Lipdissolve was definitely NOT worth it! I had one treatment. My stomach was swollen and in extreme pain before they were even done. I then became extremely ill and could not get out of bed for 4 days - even after that I had to wear stretchy clothes for weeks. Lost no weight, no inches and now have small lumps all over my stomach. I'm 4 1/2 months after the treatment.
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This is the worst pain i have ever experienced thus far in life. - have broke 12 bones, have had two knee surgeries , birthed 2 children and have recently undergone a full hysterectomy, all by the age of 37!!!! Never again.know one can prepare you for the disturbing throbbing and swelling. I am still in bed, 3 days later.
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