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After turning 50 this past year, I decided to do...

After turning 50 this past year, I decided to do something about the disapportionate (sp?) thighs and hips Ive had since I gave birth to 2 daughters. The special ad I read about lipodissolve seemed to be the answer. I wish I'd done better research. I had 2 days downtime with both injectons-it was hard to get pants on over the bruising and swelling. I got the first injections the Tuesday before Thanksgiving and the 2nd set 9 days later. I developed an infection that is now just healing. All I have to show for it is 1/2" loss from my hips and alot of redness and hard lumps in my hips and thighs. I guess I won't be wearing a bathing suit ever again.


OMG!!! I hope I'm not still bruised and swollen after 6 months!! I have bruises that go all the way around my thighs...lots of them, and it has been nearly 6 weeks since my procedure. Also my thighs are larger now than they have EVER been, and I am a small, petite person. My skin is so sensitive that I can not hardly stand to touch myself, even clothes and cover hurts me. Pray for me. Lyn with Lumps & Bruises
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Oh dear, I was looking for information on this bruising which is still left 6 months after my treatment... I can't believe it might be permanent, what a horrible procedure! I can't afford IPL!!!
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It's been 9 days and I am very swollen, huge bruses,and in bad pain. I had my entire thighs done and even my feet and ankles are swollen. I became very sick that night.. throwing up all night and dying of thirst, chills & sweats all night. The Dr. said perhaps it was too much fo my system at once.
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South Beach Lipodissolve

Very disorganized. Office didn't return calls or schedule appointments in a timely manner--even after I was diagnosed with an infection

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