What a Rip-off!!!

I signed up for this procedure to lose inches for...

I signed up for this procedure to lose inches for my military measurment of my mid section and now I am bigger than when I started even though I weigh less. This procedure was extremely painful, over one hundred shots and 100 CC's, and I was immediately nauseous. I swelled to the point that I was asked if I was pregnant. I could not fit in my clothes for weeks. I had to miss drill due to the fact that I could not fit into my uniform which is normally baggy. I only went for one of four treatments I purchased because of the pain. Now, over four months later my stomach is bigger than when I started. I recieved a partial refund from Dr {edited} of Champaign, IL so I ended up paying $700. for this enlarging and miserable experience. I still have marks on my stomach that look like bruising the Dr. said it was blood vessels rebuilding. My stomach is still sensitive, bruised and larger. Editor note: you must be contacted privately with doctor recommendations and feedback. Readers should click on your username to reach the private contact form.
Bongiorno, Would you email me privately? I have an appt set up and am hoping it is not the same doctor! Thanks.
It sounds like the doctor you used did not have good technique or maybe did not have experience in what he was doing? I wonder where he trained and if he was certified. Just because they have M. D. or D. O. behind their name doesn't mean they are certified to do anything they choose. He could have bought a dvd and trained himself. This is something everyone should ask of the doctor they are thinking of seeing for any treatment.
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