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Lipo is Worth It, but It's Not Easy, and You Have to Be Realistic

I had lipo on my upper and lower abs, flanks and...

I had lipo on my upper and lower abs, flanks and axilla two months ago.  It was definitely worth it for me, but every person's experience is different.  In my case, I was already a fit person of a healthy weight and I was using it to contour a couple of stubborn areas.  I suspect lipo is most successful when used this way.

My expectations were realistic.  While I look much better than before, I am still not perfect.  I was also not expecting significant weight loss from the procedure (if you're looking to lose a lot of body weight, you still need to do that on your own).

I was also very proactive in my recovery.  I was religious with water, massage and compression garments.  I also do not smoke.  I believe these things contributed significantly to my success.


Lonic7, I have the same question as docriss - what type of lipo did you end up having? It appears that you had a super outcome, which is great! And Docriss, I have researched Vaser Hi Def lipo, and never found any incident of burning skin or muscle. It seems to be consistently the least risky form (and better than SmartLipo) because the cannula is not heated like other ultrasound lipo tools. There is a comparison and contrast between Smart Lipo and Vaser Hi Def right on this board (just scroll down the Doctor Q&A topics in the column on the right).
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I have already had my lipo using PAL. I determined it was the best procedure for me. I am not saying that Vaser, or Smart Lipo comes with any more or less dangers as any other form of surgery. But there ARE incidences of people getting burned with the ultrasound (Vaser) and laser (SMART) and in fact there is at least 1 that I recall reading on this site. I spent a year researching lipo so I have read extensively. With that said, there is risk with all forms of lipo and elective surgery so you have to make your own decisions based on your research. There were only 2 docs in my area doing Smart &/or Vaser, one was an EENT doc. I was NOT going to have anyone other than a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon work on my body. The other thing, since my surgery and talking to others, I am finding that the docs in my area are charging three times the amount that I was charged. One of the reasons why these 2 forms of lipo are supposed to be so attractive was because when not done under a general anesthetic, the cost is decreased, but that is not proving to be the case in my area. I actually changed my user name some time ago you can see my pics and review by searching ann in indy. I know a man that is getting ready to have Smart lipo done, I will be interested in seeing if he gets significant results. Finally, I think the decision between the options available are an individual thing, you must have confidence in your doc and be clear as to what you expect to look like when done and what your doc's expectations are for final results. Just don't think because someone writes they had this or that procedure done and went back to work that afternoon that you are going to have those same results. Good luck with which ever decision you make.
I am 7wks post op. Still very uncomfortable. The worst is my belly area. It looks like I am 6mo. pregnant. It is hard and lumpy. I need some good info on taking care of this. I am wearing a size bigger clothes because of the hardness and swelling. Does hot baths help. Any info I would sure appreciate. I would sure think twice before going through this again.
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