PAINFUL but It Works

I had my saddle bags (outter thighs) done 2 years...

I had my saddle bags (outter thighs) done 2 years ago. Even though I was under general anesthesia I had no lidocaine (numbing medicine) so when I woke up I was in HORRIBLE pain. The pain lasted 7 weeks and besides a small lump I am very happy with the results. The best part, it was immediate results for me. Very brutal surgery but black and white. No question like it is with Smart Lipo. I questioned putting a review at all because it was extremely painful. BTW- inner thighs are not an area recommended for treatment. I would only recommened liposuction for obvious problem areas. If it's just a little fine tuning you need, I would keep exploring. I had Smart Lipo 2 weeks ago but I've seen no reults yet. I was told I need to wait 3 months before I see results. Liposuction is immediate.
I decided to have abdominal liposuction, and my surgery was done at the end of Feb.'09. When I awoke in recovery and for the first 6-7 hrs afterwards I was in horrible pain; far worse than I ever imagined. Now, 8 days later, I am still sleeping on my back only, with the girdle being worn at all times. Nearly 4 lbs.of fat was removed. My appetite came back to normal after 48 hrs. So far the bruising is slowly going away but there is swelling, I am glad I had this done, and am looking forward to the results, but I will never go through this agony again.
Dr. Speirs

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