Lipo Dissolve is a Big Scam!!

If you have big pockets of fat anywhere on your...

If you have big pockets of fat anywhere on your body that you are considering lipo dissolve for reducing...DO NOT DO IT!

Before you even make an appointment to speak to a representative for any Lipo Dissolve company, please do a lot of research via the internet. After you have completed your research, gather a list of questions to ask the doctor. Do not talk to a physician's assistant (PA) because they may have limited information regarding the procedure. Please keep in mind that this is a money making business because the procedure is very's highway robbery!

Not only are the procedures expensive, they are very painful as well. The pain normally lasts about 2 to 3 days after the solution has been administered.

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The first mistake is Lipdissolve is not for large areas of fat. I had 3 injections since October and I am completely happy. I went to a medical doctor for it and he flat out told me that he would NOT do my inner thighs because there was too much fat. If you are looking for weight loss this won't work. This is a spot treatment for thin or average size people with problem areas. A good reputable Doctor will tell you this in your consultation.
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