Lipline Tattoo Removal

I have been taken laser on my lip line now for 4...

I have been taken laser on my lip line now for 4 times and have to take about 2 tames again. It have been worth every penny. I did look like clown at the beginning i did have two lips.. it was awful.. lipline was over my own lip. this has been awful experience and i almost lost my mental health.

Now lipline is almost gone and it will eventually fade away.

I was lucky to find this great woman who has done this kind of laser treatments before. I thank god for her.

Hi how many treatments did you have to go for?
I had the clown effect thanks to Lila in the bahamas. No patch test was given and the line on one side was completely off my lip. i have had tat gone ink done several times and it has taken a good bit of the extra ink out with the alergic reaction. it is no longer raised. i have scheduled for laser to keep working on removing my clown look i paid her good money for.

The process of removing permanent make up is challenging even with the correct technology. Because the ink degrades to different colors with laser treatments, it's important to find a practitioner that has more than one laser/wavelength to complete the treatment plan from start to finish. I would be interested in knowing if you have an ablative (invasive) laser treatment or non-ablative treatments. Lori Haney, RN, MEP-C Certified Medical Laser Safety Officer

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